6 Reasons Why The Elli Bralette is Perfect Bra for a Young Female Athlete

The Elli Bralette is Perfect for Girls Playing Volleyball

Bralette meets Sports Bra

To no bra-wearing-gal’s surprise, the bralette has skyrocketed in popularity. This makes sense because by nature, a bralette is lightweight, super comfortable and stylish.  Most importantly and especially to tween and teen girls, the bralette is totally trending –  On Fleek, if you will.  

Until now, for the young female athlete, bralettes are not typically worn for playing sports. A bralette is to wear with cute outfits and a sports bra for playing sports, right?  Au contraire, mon frère.

Did you know the Elli Bralette doubles as a bralette and a sports bra?  It’s comfortable (indeed, it’s butter soft), stylish, right on trend and has a perfect amount of gentle hugging compression to be worn for athletics. Let’s expand on this shall we?  For which sports can the Elli Bralette be worn?

Volleyball:   In a thin athletic jersey, sweating in an air conditioned gym or convention center can be unforgiving in the “nipping through your clothes department”.  The Elli Bralette has a concealing petal built into each cup so the female volleyball player can focus on playing her position and not worry about whether your nipples are showing through her uniform. And since it feels like wearing a sports bra, choosing to wear the Elli is a no-brainer.

Basketball:   Much like volleyball, basketball games are typically played inside an air conditioned gym, with players wearing thin athletic jerseys.  Until now, girls have settled for padded sports bras, with or without removable padding, to prevent their nipples from showing through their uniform.  During a basketball game, these girls need to move quickly, and bulky padding can get in the way of that.  The concealing petals inside the Elli Bralette are thin, flexible, add zero bulk, and prevent unwanted exposure from their nipple behavior being apparent to onlookers. It’s seamless, stretchy-soft and moves with you so young female basketball players can dribble, cross, pass, jump, block and shoot with ease. The Elli Bralette takes the guesswork out of getting dressed for games and – you never have to think about which bra to wear. 

Swim – After practice, young swimmers typically want to put on dry clothes. Having wet hair will cause a chill and since nipples stand at alert right along with goosebumps, it may draw unwanted attention to the “bee stings” showing through their clothing. The Elli Bralette is a great bra to pull on for instant cozyness after hours in the pool.  It fits like a glove and the concealing petals inside will smooth the appearance of any bumps and lumps underneath.   

Track and Field / Cross Country –  Compared to the heavy cotton t-shirts of the past, the advent of lightweight, wicking athletic fabric is a welcome change.    Athleisure companies like Athleta and Lululemon have nailed it with their seemingly endless selection of athletic tanks and tops.    However, the thin material of these tops still leave one to figure out how to hide nipples from showing underneath the lightweight material thereof.  Enter again, the Elli Bralette.  It’s made of nylon-spandex so while it does the trick to hide nipples from showing through an athletic top, it’s holding “the girls” down while running, sprinting and jumping. 

Tennis – What a great sport for making a fashion statement!  There are countless options for tennis dresses, tops and skirts and the Elli Bralette fits right into the mix.  With 5 color options, the slender straps will accent any tennis outfit.  As with any outdoor sport, the tennis player’s body continually goes through the sweat and cooling cycle on the court.  Add a swift breeze and she could get distracted by her headlights showing under her carefully chosen tennis outfit.  The Elli Bralette will hide nipple activity from onlookers so the tennis player can focus on her game.

Soccer – Whether playing indoors or out, soccer is a sport where tween and tween girls typically wear a bra for practice and under their uniform.  Like all of the sports mentioned above, practice jerseys and athletic uniforms are usually made of lightweight, wicking fabric which can be unforgiving in the “everyone can see what’s happening under my shirt” department.   Sports bras, unless containing bulky padding, don’t help in hiding nipple behavior.  Padded sports bras add bulk and/or make their boobs look bigger, also NOT HELPING. Young female soccer players are starting to learn about the magic of the Elli Bralette.  The Elli is dispelling the notion that only sports bras are worn for playing sports.  With it’s built-in concealing petals and buttery soft nylon/ spandex material, The Elli Bralette feels like a sports bra but she’ll never have to worry about her nipples showing through her jersey.

Young female athletes need to be able focus on their sport and most importantly, want to have fun while doing so. Competitive sports can be intense and there’s no need to sprinkle “worry about being exposed” into the mix.  The Elli Bralette is a designed as confidence product, it’s one of the most comfortable bras the young female athlete may ever put on, and she can rest assured their nipples won’t show through their shirt.  The Elli takes the guesswork out of deciding which bra to pack in a sports bag. It’s truly…a Win Win!

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