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Fun Facts

Why Modesty Does NOT Equate Embarrassment

Centuries Later, We’re Still Fighting a Stigma that Began in 400 BC The conversation around nipples has always bo...

The Absolute Best T-shirt Bra for Small Boobs

Best T-shirt Bra for Small Boobs

What Is a Bralette?

The difference between a bra and a bralette

We're Busting Myths About Bras and Setting the Record Straight!

Take what you thought you knew about bras and throw it out the window.  We're busting myths about bras!

Bralette Meets Sports Bra - The Elli Bralette Checks all the Boxes

The wireless sports bra you’ve been waiting for.

The Best Bralette for Healthcare Workers

Comfort, Support & Nipple Concealment All in One

Why The Elli Bralette Is The Anti-Foam Padding Bralette

Without foam, how does the Elli Bralette conceal your nipples? 

Moisture Wicking Bralettes

Beat the boob sweat in your Elli Bralette
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