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The Best T-Shirt Bra

The Best T-Shirt Bra

Psst…It’s non padded AND nipple concealing

What bra do you wear with a t-shirt so your nipples don’t show through? The Elli Bralette of course!

Designed to be the first nipple concealing bralette, the Elli has turned out to also be incredibly comfortable. It’s soft, stretchy, has slender, adjustable straps and most of all, flexible concealing petals inside the cups for modesty.

The Elli is the best bra for wearing under t-shirts, especially for women with small boobs, because it supersedes (renders obsolete) the traditional t-shirt bra. The traditional t-shirt bra has machine-molded foam cups, rigid structure and a back clasp and no matter how much it claims to be “barely there”, you’ll feel it digging into your rib cage.

Unfortunately, women have been settling for the padded t-shirt bra for many, many years.

Enter Non Disclosure Apparel. Our bralettes are designed to be the everyday t-shirt bra of your dreams. They’re non padded so you won’t have to deal with an unnecessary, layer of bulk under your shirt, completely seamless (no rigid structure or back clasp) and the patent pending-concealer inside will prevent your nipple profile from showing through your shirt.

The Best T-Shirt Bra

We created The Elli Bralette, our first style of many more to come, fitting small breasted women and young girls, because we were frustrated from having too few of choices for everyday, t-shirt bras. Two choices really: padded or non padded – in other words, bulky and distorting, or nipple revealing.

Having small boobs ourselves, the only thing really we care about is hiding our nipple profile from showing though our shirt. OK, two things: comfort and no nipple show.

It’s simple really, and one would think, that because being “comfortable and nipple concealing” is all what we our bra to be, why has it not existed until now?

Good question. Again, enter Non Disclosure Apparel. We’ve nailed it with our no frills, no pokey hardware, no foam bra that will also, in totality, keep your “headlights” under wraps.

The Elli Bralette feels “just right” and slowly but surely, young girls and women are finding it to be their number one, t-shirt bra solution.

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