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Non Disclosure Apparel in Felix Magazine

Non Disclosure Apparel Feature in Felix Magazine Holiday Spread

Chicago Stylist, Katie Schuppler, recommends The Elli Bralette, Non Disclosure Apparel’s Nipple Concealing Bralette, in Felix Magazine's 2021 Holiday Book!

We are incredibly honored to be featured in the Felix Magazine 2021 Holiday Book! Felix is a luxury lifestyle magazine serving the greater Chicago area. It’s the type of glossy periodical you’ll want to display on your coffee table – it’s that stunning! This bra, this non-padded, nipple concealing bralette, has been a long time coming. It’s flipping the script on the bralette as we know it and we’re honored their stylist, Katie Schuppler has included us on her Holiday Gift Guide!

Non Disclosure Apparel Feature in Felix Magazine Holiday Spread

Here’s the excerpt from the article:

“I had dreamt of my ideal bra, a non-padded, lightweight bralette with a thin, strong as hell concealer inside each cup,” she says from her home office in Charleston, SC.

After five years and several false starts, Becky Connelly launched Non Disclosure Apparel and its first product, The Elli Bralette – a concealing bralette – in January 2020.  Designed without padding, wiring and completely seamless, the bralette features a thin, flexible “system” of fabric heat sealed into it’s center, designed to completely conceal any potential nipple protuberance”.

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