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What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette?

What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette?

A Permanent Concealing Petal Inside Each Cup.


What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette?

Inside each cup of our concealing bralette is a permanent, non-removable concealing petal with five fundamental characteristics:

1. Thin – The total opposite of foam padding.
2. Strong – Nipples will not show through.
3. Flexible – Bends and curves with shape of breast.
4. Permanent – As in does not move, or get lost in the wash.
5. Discreet – Invisible under Clothing.

Inner Layer View of The Elli Bralette
The Elli Bralette has two layers: Inner Lining and Outer Layer. The non-removable concealing petal is centered in the cup and permanently fixed between the two.

What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette?
Fine Ribbed Detailing on the Outer Layer of The Elli Bralette

The Elli Bralette features ribbed detailing to mask the appearance – confuse the onlooker, if you will – of the concealing petal inside.

What does the concealing petal look like?
As a result of our intense dislike for foam padding, we designed a concealing petal to be thinner, stronger and better so we’d never have to deal with padding again.

The patent-pending petal is a 4 layered system of featherweight fabric. These circular layers are tapered from largest to smallest, with an overall dimension of approximately 3 inches in diameter.

And to clear up misconceptions out there, our concealing petal is not sewn into the bra. Using high heat, the petal is pressed and sealed into the bralette and hence…permanent.

The world is curious about what our concealing petal actually is, and what it looks like, so we’ve added a series of photos below for visual aid.

  What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette? What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette? What’s Inside Our Nipple Concealing Bralette?

When owner, Becky Connelly, decided to create this bra (see The Story), the thickness (or thinness, rather) and strength of the concealer was of upmost importance. The concealing petal above is the magical, evolutionary result of 6 years in head down, development and fine tuning. It’s the star of the Elli Bralette, the star of the brand, the piece de resistance.

Our brand statement reads, “Many women love the comfort and style of a bralette, but struggle to find one that conceals their nipples without a lot of bulky padding. At Non Disclosure Apparel, our non-padded bralette has a permanent concealer built into each cup so you never have to worry about your nipples showing through your clothing.” Our bralette is a solution for the tween girl, her great grandmother and every woman in between. It’s a game changer.
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