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How to Hide Nipple Piercings

Blog posts How to Hide Nipple Piercings

A Bra that Conceals Nipple Jewelry

I have great news! The Elli Bralette hides nipple piercings!

Recently, my friend (Maggie) had a few couples over for dinner.  As the women chatted around the kitchen island (who knows where the guys were), Maggie started bragging to one of her “younger” guests (Sarah, late 20’s) about the Elli Bralette. Maggie, a dear friend and devout NDA customer (an augmented 34DD, size Large), promotes the bralette to anyone who will listen – bless her. Of course, I happily joined the conversation to further explain the bra: the permanent concealing petals built into each cup, the fact it’s seamless, soft and stretchy, incredibly comfortable, etc., etc.

As Maggie and I waxed on about the how well the bra conceals an erect nipple, Sarah sat there, politely listening to us. Turns out, as we later found out, she was quietly pondering whether the bralette would conceal her nipple jewelry. Maggie and I are a great deal older than Sarah (read: possibly uncool) so she was reluctant to broach the nipple piercing subject with us.

Finally, she comes out with it  -  tells us her nipples are pierced in an “I don’t think this bra will work for me” kind of tone.  Assuming I would agree with her, she was surprised by my reaction.  My entire face lit up. Unable to contain my enthusiasm, I exclaimed, “Sarah, you have GOT to try this bra on right now!”.

Blog posts How to Hide Nipple Piercings

The Nipple Jewelry Back Story

Years ago, one of our “cut and sew” prototype's proved itself able to conceal nipple piercings. Specifically testing it for this purpose, we tried it on female fit models that had straight and circular barbell piercings. The women were pleasantly surprised by how well a lightweight, non-padded bralette was able to hide their nipple jewelry.  

Today, many evolutions of this bralette later, it's a totally different animal - not even close to its cut and sew predecessors.  The Elli Bralette, it's called, is now made on a seamless knit machine.  It's knitted in one continuous piece using an insanely soft blend Nylon / Spandex yarn.

The concealing petal has evolved in flexibility as well.  It's now a system of layered fabrics, varying in strength, thickness and diameter so that it's both strong and discreet. 

Why the pivot?  Cut and sew bras are made from several pieces of fabric that are "sewn" together, creating multiple seams. Since comfort was at the forefront of our design intention, we wanted to pair down the number of seams significantly (to zero), and scrap the back clasp altogether.  The concealing petal needed tweaking because the thin fabric of the nylon knit bra is less forgiving. We needed it to do it's job but not be so obvious about it. 

So yes, the Elli Bralette is completely seamless - it's a pull-over-your-head bra situation. Plus, it feels like an absolute dream. Thanks to the non padded and wire free nature of the bralette, there's nothing rigid or constricting about it.  Our customers report that it's the only bra they'll wear.

The Nipple Jewelry Test

We had yet to test the seamless version of the Elli Bralette on a woman with nipple piercings. Thankfully, Sarah (34C) was up for the challenge. Borrowing Maggie's large bralette to try, the three of us huddled in the master bathroom for the “big reveal”.  

Sarah quickly pulled the bra on, looked in the mirror, back at us, the mirror, then back at us.  With tears in her eyes she said, "I can't believe it."

Since having her nipples pierced, she's resorted to bulky, padded bras when wanting to conceal it. She adores her nipple jewelry - slender silver bars capped with turquoise beading - and is certainly not ashamed of it.  Sometimes though, she wants to keep it on the DL and with the Elli Bralette, she has an ideal solution for that. It creates the smooth appearance she's looking for, hiding the hardware underneath that she'd spent years trying to achieve with uncomfortable, padded and molded cupped bras. 

“And, it’s soooo comfortable!", Sarah added. She was trying to wrap her head around the fact a non-padded bralette could perform this way. It literally made her piercings disappear.  She was overwhelmed with gratitude for this accidental bra discovery and the emotion was palpable, all around.

Non Disclosure Apparel was founded specifically to create a lightweight, non-padded, nipple concealing bralette. Not only has The Elli Bralette turned out to be the most comfortable bra you'll ever put on your body, it's also proven to completely keep nipple piercings under wraps!  Win-win!

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