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Best Bra for Small Boobs

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*best bra for small boobs AND it's ideal for nipple concealing, too!

The best bra for small boobs is hands down The Elli Bralette! It provides all day comfort with no extras – no underwires, no scratchy back clasps, and definitely no foam padding. We’ve intentionally eliminated all the BS found in ‘regular’ bras to create a bra designed for small chests.

This is the bralette that is frequently referred to as the “bra that doesn’t feel like a bra” by customers who have spent years searching for a comfortable option that doesn’t change their natural shape. And as a bonus – the Elli also provides guaranteed nipple concealment. So if you’re an IBTC girl with overactive nipples, keep reading to find out why you’ll LOVE the Elli Bralette.

No Bra Feel

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We can’t talk about this enough, because the Elli Bralette truly does feel like a second skin. It’s so comfortable that many customers wear it as a sleep bra, which honestly still blows our minds. How is this possible?

Supportive Without Structure

We designed the Elli Bralette to be a wireless bra because, to be honest, smaller cup sizes just don’t need the shaping that underwires provide. Instead, the Elli Bralette is made of a ribbed Nylon/Spandex blend that is smooth as butter, with just enough compression to feel like a gentle hug. It’s the support that small chests need, without any of the BS.

Seamless Bralette

The Elli Bralette is completely seamless, a major contributor to the no-bra feel. Because of this, it’s designed to be extra stretchy while still retaining its shape and will move with your body rather than being restrictive. Because of its seamless properties, the Elli Bralette is also ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities.

100% Foam Free

We are THE anti-foam online bra company and we LOVE to talk about it. Why? Because foam padding is made from the same materials you would find in carpeting or couch cushions, and we feel strongly about not wanting that on our bodies, never mind our breasts. But also, as card carrying members of the IBTC, we know just how unnecessary foam padding is. 

Best Bra for A Cups and B Cups

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Two of the main complaints we hear about ‘regular’ bras from women with smaller busts are gaping cups and unnecessary foam padding. Many of our customers have spent years searching for the perfect solution, only to settle on good enough – until they found the Elli Bralette. Jessica’s review is just one of many:

“I live in the Eli Bralette so I just ordered two more. I am a very small A cup and nothing I have ever owned is as comfortable!” – Jessica Anderson, Verified Customer

What is it that makes the Elli Bralette so comfortable for small busts? Well, by eliminating all of the extras (foam padding, underwires, etc.), we’ve also eliminated the problem. The seamless design of the Elli Bralette lays smooth without digging and will never gape.

Nipple Coverage Without Padding

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The concept of padding as coverage is to layer enough foam material over your nips, they’ll be covered. But if you have active nipples, you know there’s no amount of foam padding that can tamp those babies down – regardless of what countless listicles promoting ‘no show look’ bras might tell you.

The Elli Bralette is the only foam free nipple concealing bralette that guarantees 100% nipple concealment. Because just covering your nipples isn’t always enough.

It’s the best bra for small boobs, it’s ideal for nipple concealment, and our first generation bras are currently still on sale

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