Bra Shopping for Your Preteen

Bra Shopping with Your Tween Daughter

The first bra conversation…

It’s one of those things that parents may notice first: breast buds poking through your preteen daughter’s t-shirt. Just like that, the looming “bra conversation” is due. Sometimes it doesn’t go very well, “Do I have to? It’s so embarrassing! What if someone notices I’m wearing bra?!” And you might respond, “Well, someone will notice if you aren’t, and that’s what I’m trying to help you avoid.” Especially if you’re one of those moms that was teased when your nipples poked through your shirt at her age.

In contrast, your daughter may be the one that decides (and tells you) she needs or wants a bra. Likely, her friends are starting to wear bras and therefore she must do the same.

And then, there’s hoody sweatshirt wearer. Have you noticed your tween daughter wearing hers a little too often? How about sweaters or anything bulky that’s causing you to scratch your head in wonder? Recently, a grandmother reached out to us because she couldn’t figure out why her granddaughter was wearing hoodies in 80 degree Florida heat. Turns out, she was trying to hide her developing body underneath.

Whatever the case may be, your “first bra” shopping experience can be overwhelming (especially if you’re a newbie), and it’s certainly not the easiest to navigate.

For starters, right out of the gate, you may get pushback (from either you or her) with regard to the preteen bra selection on the market. Basically, you have two bra choices (you think): age in-appropriate (padding, molded cups, underwire, lace, you name it) or cotton / nylon knit numbers that, while comfortable and seemingly age appropriate, do nothing in the nipples-poking-through-the-shirt department.

You just want to help her, to find a bra to smooth the little breast mounds that are beginning to be visible under her t-shirt. This is where we come in.

Oh yes, the bra your’e looking for does exist. The Elli Bralette it’s called, and it’s the perfect training bra, tween bra, teen bra, whatever bra you’re Googling to find for an 11 year old girl , bra. It is Unpadded (as in zero padding, zilch) and most importantly, has concealing petals built inside each cup to ensure her “bee stings” will never show through anything. It’s seamless, wireless, stretchy, buttery-soft, and translates nicely from school to sports to play to lounge (or sleep, for some). Sure, it may look like its nylon cousin, the one hanging on a rack at a big box store, but I assure you, it is NOT THAT.

Here’s the difference: The Elli Bralette is unpadded and 100% nipple concealing. Simply put, it was designed out of necessity for another bra option. No longer will you have to resort to bulky padding – looking unnatural, getting lumpy and lost in the wash – to accomplish nipple coverage. She does not have to settle, and you don’t either.

So my friends, perhaps the first bra shopping experience isn’t as hard as you thought? You’re welcome.

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