Guerilla January

Guerilla January

It’s on Like Donkey Kong!

For the first 21 Days of January, NDA is looking for you to roll us into 2021, Guerilla Style. Yeah, You.

“Soooo, what’s in for me? “, you ask. For starters, 21 days of insane discounts AND if you play your cards right, A FREE BRALETTE!

Here’s How To Play – Guerilla Style

30% Off Entire Order: On Instagram and/or Facebook, share an NDA Post (any post) & tag 5 friends who would appreciate the awesomeness of The Elli Bralette. Those said tagged friends must start following @nondisclosureapparel on Instagram and/or Facebook. If any friends want to make a purchase, they’ll receive 25% off and you get a free bralette: see instructions / requirements for “A FREE BRALETTE‘” below. 

40% Off Entire Order  Post a photo of yourself on your Facebook or Instagram page wearing The Elli Bralette (yes, you can wear clothes). Write about why you love The Elli Bralette and tag @nondisclosureapparel. If one of your followers wants to make a purchase, they’ll receive 25% off and you get a free bralette: see instructions / requirements for “A FREE BRALETTE” below.

A FREE BRALETTE   For Club NDA Members (existing customers) Only:   Tell someone new about The Elli Bralette and encourage them to try it. If that someone wants to make a purchase**, they’ll receive 25% off their entire order **and you receive a Free Bralette!   
**How to do I go about this, you ask?   Your “someone new” contacts us***, mentions your name, and receives a 25% coupon code via email, Instagram DM, or Facebook message. If they make a purchase, you’ve got a free bralette, of choice, coming your way! Boom!

***Three ways to contact us: email  info@ndapparel.com, DM us  @nondisclosureapparel on Instagram , or Message us on Facebook.

  • Online Only
  • First Class Shipping Included
  • January 1 – January 21, 2021

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