My Nipple Concealing Journey

Class of 2000, Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology

How the Concealing Bralette Came to Be…

Here we are, days away from receiving our Construction Management degrees and celebrating ourselves for just that.  You may have noticed there aren’t many girls in the photo…three in my class to be exact.  And most times, in my construction career that followed, I was usually the only female in the office, at a meeting or on a job site.  

Schooling and working with mostly dudes, I didn’t want to draw unwanted attention in a “eyes up here” kind of way, so I was certainly motivated me to keep my nipples, that have a mind of their own, under wraps.  I would either use medical tape, adhesive breast petals or silicone pasties to cover my nipples, wear a padded a bra, or Both.  After years of maneuvering this menagerie of concealing tools, I learned my issue with adhesive concealers is the eventual “rip it off” moment and bulky padding isn’t helpful in the “don’t look at my boobs” department.  

There had to be a better solution for keeping my nipples under wraps, right? I just wanted a bra to do everything I wanted and to not be so…extra. I wished for a concealing bra with no padding, no underwire, no molded cups. This “dream bra” of mine would be comfortable, lightweight and have a built-in concealer, strong enough to depress any nipple protrusion.  I couldn’t find this exact bra anywhere on the market sooo…

I decided to make it myself.

After 5 long years of trial and (a lot of) error, this “dream bra” of mine has actually materialized. The Elli Bralette it’s called, embodies everything I ever wanted my bra to be. I’m stoked to introduce it to women like me, seeking the same type of solutions for their own nipple concealing journey.

Becky Connelly, Owner/Designer

Non Disclosure Apparel Owner, Becky Connelly with daughter, Mary Kate

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