Nipple Covers vs Concealing Bralette

Nipple Covers vs Concealing Bralette

Which is better for nipple concealing?

It may come as a surprise to you but, nipple covers still have a place in my bathroom drawer. As a matter of fact, I have a couple pair of my favorite ones, Silicone Coverups by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. These little gems are self adhesive, virtually invisible under clothing, and I stick em on when wanting to prevent nipple show in bathing suits or, to be specific, my racerback, silk blouse. The blouse has a high neck collar that buttons in the back, and reveals a great deal of my shoulders and collar bone. Since it’s designed to accentuate this “area”, I don’t want my bra strap, not even the delicate strap of The Elli Bralette, to interrupt the aesthetics thereof.

Speaking of The Elli, it’s actually my long standing relationship with silicone nipple covers that inspired me to design a concealing bralette in the first place. For years, preventing nipple show has been my main goal in choosing an outfit to wear. I’ve tried all the tricks: tissue paper, bandaids, medical tape, adhesive breast petals, stick-on bras, you name it. When I finally discovered the magic of the silicone nipple covers, they became my concealer of choice. I prefer bralettes, which do nothing in the nipple hiding department, so I would stick on these silicone dealies and wear underneath. Problem solved, seemingly…

Here’s the thing…deep down, even with this novel, boob-cover discovery, I knew my nipple concealing game was not 100% on lock. Why? Because aside from my obsession with nipple show, I’m very low maintenance. I hardly spend any time getting ready (don’t even own a hair brush), and live in t-shirts, pull on shorts and cotton leggings. Can’t be bothered with zippers.

Feeling like I needed to shorten my “getting ready” routine even further, I started to consider eliminating a step. Silicone concealers, if wearing them under a bralette, involved an extra step so I asked myself, “How can I simplify this situation?

“I know!” it occurred to me. “What about a bralette that already has a concealer built inside? That would solve everything, right?” Not just any concealer, one that’s thin, flexible, discreet and strong enough to prevent nipple show. Furthermore, if it’s going to suit my needs, the concealer has got to be permanent. As in, will not move. I can’t be bothered with “removable” because, you know…that’s an extra step.

So, as it turns out, this “all in one” bralette did not exist and if I wanted to simplify my life in this way, I was literally gonna have to make it myself. So I did.

Introducing, The Elli Concealing Bralette, it’s all I every wanted it to be. It’s my one-step, throw on and go, nipple concealing solution. It’s my everyday, everything bra. And on the days it doesn’t work with my outfit, I switch it out for an old standby, my silicone nipple cover friends.

So now, all is well in my world. My “getting ready” routine is tight and nipple concealing game is definitely on lock. I’ve got the best tools in the shed, the only ones I need, a concealing bralette and silicone nipple covers. Both have a place and function in my nipple concealing endeavors, and both, in their own right, do the trick.

Becky Connelly, Owner / Designer

Non Disclosure Apparel Owner, Becky Connelly with daughter

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