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Frustrated With Bra And Bralette Options?

You love the wire free, unrestrictive feeling of a bralette but struggle to find one that hides your nipples without bulky padding.

Sometimes, you wear nipple covers under your bralette or suffer through another day in your itchy, heat trapping, padded bra with gaping cups.

Simple modesty doesn't have to be this difficult. We have a solution for you, my friend.

A non-padded bralette with concealing petals inside so you'll never have to worry about your nipples showing though your shirt. Finally, right?

Introducing The Elli Bralette

Bralette Features You'll Love


"I am a 57 year old with smaller breasts, 36Bish. I wanted a bralette as I was finding bras very uncomfortable. But at my age, I am not keen to have my nipples showing. This is perfect. A little support and plenty of coverage with maximum comfort."

- S. L.

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