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The Elli Bralette Is The Perfect First Bra For Tweens

For most girls, breast development is the first evidence of puberty, generally starting sometime between 8 to 13 years of age. All of a sudden, her "boobies" begin to poke through her favorite t-shirt, and if she hasn't noticed, you certainly have.

Non Disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralette perfect bralette for teens and tweens illustration

As her breast bud nodules begin to form, a "bra conversation" is imenent. For some, it may be a breeze, especially if other girls her age are wearing training bras and she's been looking forward to joining the crowd.

For others, trying to navigate the subject of your young daughter (niece, sister or granddaughter), wearing a training bra may prove to be trickier than you thought.

Non Disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralette perfect bralette for teens and tweens illustration

You're on to the next step: "first bra" shopping, an experience that can be overwhelming unto itself.

Department Store Shopping - You make your way to the juniors department and after looking around a bit, notice the choices are few and far between: a lightweight, cami style bralette that has zero nipple coverage, a padded or lacy number that distorts the size of her breasts and/or is entirely inappropriate for her age; or a sports bra style with removable pads that get lost in the wash. For years, the addition of padding (originally introduced in 1947 in order to accentuate a woman's breast) has been the bra industry standard for nipple coverage.

Online Shopping - You search online for "best training bra,” "best junior bra,” or "best bra for a 10 year old" and find yourself faced with the same options: lightweight nothing-ness, bulky puffiness or lacy inappropriate-ness.

Non Disclosure Apparel Nipple Concealing Bralettes in beach, praline and storm

Enter The Elli Bralette...

In your search for the perfect first bra, there's an obvious void in the options out there. The Elli Bralette closes that gap. It's an all-in-one training bra solution; a bra that your tween will feel comfortable and confident in and one that you are OK with her wearing. A win-win for all!

Elli Bralette Checks All the Boxes

It’s comfortable, nipple concealing and on trend with all the “other” junior bras out there. Basically, the Elli Bralette nails it in all training bra categories:

✔ Non Padded: Neither of you have to worry about her boobies looking larger than they are.

✔ Nipple Concealing: A concealing petal is permanently sealed inside each cup. The petal is thin, flexible and non-removable so it won’t shift or get lost in the wash.

✔ Seamless: No uncomfortable wire or hardware.

✔ Soft and Stretchy: Made of an incredibly soft blend of nylon and spandex, the Elli Bralette can easily transition from sleep, to school, to play.

✔ Doubles as a Sports Bra: With 8% Spandex, the Elli Bralette has gentle hugging support so she'll feel safe when wearing it for athletics.

✔ Quick to Dry: The fabric is 92% Nylon so it dries quickly and doesn’t hold odor.

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