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Concealing Bra

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The Details

The Elli™ Bralette is the first style in our concealing bralette line.

  • All Sizes successfully fit small breasted women (30A – 34C/36B)
  • The Elli™ is lightweight, and made of soft, stretchy, seamless knit fabric with delicate ribbed detailing.
  • A thin, flexible, concealing system is permanently centered inside each cup, ensuring no bee stings or nipple worry.
  • Pull it over your head and go – for a no-clasp, no-wire, no-padding, worry-free everyday bra.

Real people wearing and loving our bralette.

Check out Club NDA! Send us a selfie of you wearing your Elli and we’ll feature your here!


What makes our bralette the best?

Extreme Comfort and Concealing Petals.

The Elli Bralette, our first style to launch, provides the ease of a bralette with the support of a sports bra, and complete and total censor-nip. What more could we want?

Reviews for The Elli Bralette Concealing Bra

46 reviews for The Elli Bralette
Concealing Bra

  1. Mary Anne (verified owner)

    The Elli bralette is so comfortable! It is the best bra I have found for thin tops. It is good day or night. Very versatile while providing support and concealment.

  2. Holly Fisher (verified owner)

    Love, love, love this bra! It is so comfortable I almost forget I’m even wearing it. I even picked up a second one for my teen daughter. The fabric is lightweight and soft. And the concealing system is permanently attached so I don’t have to mess with liners or pads that fall out in the wash or get bunched up under clothing. Do yourself a favor and get the most comfy bra on the market!

  3. Shelley Cooper (verified owner)

    I bought two of these a year ago and after using one ‘model’ of a Victoria Secret Bra for years, this is now the only one I wear. I don’t even know I have it on and it’s super comfortable. It feels supportive and I don’t have to worry about ‘headlights’.

  4. Sandy McKeown (verified owner)

    Initially, I purchased one bralette to give it a go. The fabric makes the product feel as though you are not wearing anything! So then I ordered one in every color. My main drive to purchase was the nipple coverage and it does not disappoint! This is certainly not for someone large breasted but works very well for those of us who are smaller.

  5. Mary

    The Elli Bralette is my dream come true! As a small breasted woman, I only wear a bra to conceal my nipples. I used to resort to overly padded bras to accomplish this. Not any more!!! The bonus of this bra is the extreme level of comfort. I’ll never wear any other bra again. I’ve found THE ONE! Thank you NDA 🙂

  6. Hope Lumpkin

    I wear this bra CONSTANTLY. As a small chested gal but also big into fitness, I needed something comfortable but with enough support. This bra is not only for low impact days but is great for high impact or weight training days as well. It’s comfy and cute. Keeps me concealed and support. 5 stars!

  7. Maya Glassberg

    The Elli bralette is so comfortable! My mom got my sister and I 2 each. These are the only bras I wear and feel comfortable in.

  8. Danielle Glassberg (verified owner)

    This is seriously an amazing bra for anyone! I wear it and so do my daughters! We ❤️ It! Hands down THE BEST!

  9. Addi

    I love this bra! It is super comfortable and soft. I’m very active and feels comfortable when I’m on the court.

  10. Erin Reitz (verified owner)

    The Elli bra is your new best friend. It’s the bra I go to when I don’t want to be wearing a bra. It’s as comfortable as your favorite worn in t-shirt. I love that when I wear it it look like I’m not wearing a bra…but my body bits are contained and kept to myself. Thank you for creating this bra made for women by a woman.

  11. Margaret McClain (verified owner)

    The day I tried my first Elli bralette I completely forgot I had it on! It’s that comfortable. The design is supportive but not constricting, the fabric is light and soft. Even with the light-as-a feather feel the nipple concealers cover the situation comfortably. An unexpected plus is no boob sweat! If you’re active in a warm climate and don’t want to sweat through your tank top the Elli has got you. I have Beach and Storm and wear the heck out of them. Love the Elli!

  12. Ginger Cuttino

    I originally got one for my 15 year old and she kept telling me how comfortable it was so I decided to give it a try. I was in love!! The Elli is the most comfortable bra ever – you almost forget you have it on! It gives me the support I need without all that uncomfortable underwire. Definitely getting more!

  13. Tricia Yates

    This is my favorite go to when I want something light and comfortable under a tank. The colors are fabulous. This is soft, comfortable and provides the perfect amount of coverage without a lot of bulk. Thank you NDA!

  14. Nell Hinchey

    I have both the beach and storm colors in the Elli bralette and my daughter has the azalea and beach. So perfect for under t-shirts…the most comfortable bra I own. My daughter wears hers under her white school uniform shirts. We love them!

  15. Kelly Rackley (verified owner)

    Purchased two of these in Storm and Beach, and absolutely LOVE them. Wear all day, sleep in them, provide fantastic coverage and grand support. I’m 46 years old, 5’5″ and typically wear a 34B. I purchased the Large in the bralette, and feel the coverage is perfect and comfortable.

  16. Lauren Courcoux

    My 12 year old daughter was convinced the only type of bra she could wear was a sports bra. I introduced her to the Elli bralette and she absolutely said “Mom, I was wrong! The Elli bralette is by far the best bra I have ever worn and will be the only one I wear from now on”. She loves the comfort, look and support she gets from it and has asked me to buy her more. I’m so happy she can feel confident. Thank you Becky and NDA.

  17. Ashley Feng (verified owner)

    I love them!!! I’m wearing one right now! Usually I need a lot of padding for modesty, which is uncomfortable, but the little concealer works great so I can wear a much more comfortable & breathable bra.

  18. Brooke Smith

    I’m super picky about the fit of bras in general. I’ve pretty much resorted to wearing sports bras only, but the removable padding is still a pain to deal with. I love this bra! It fits perfectly and it’s comfortable. Maybe my favorite bra ever! If only I had this top as a swimsuit too!

  19. Poppy Rees (verified owner)

    My 7th grade daughter said this is the most comfortable bra she has ever worn. She just ordered another. AND she searched for a long time to find an ethically-made bra and was thrilled to find this company.

  20. Claudia Seeger

    I bought two in colors beach and azalea ! Absolutely love them both. Love the thin straps , shape and style. Feels like I’m almost wearing nothing! Definitely recommend!

  21. Tiffany M. (verified owner)

    I love the Elli bra it is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn, and my 14 year old daughter loves it so much, she has 4 of them. She wears them for school, soccer, and every day activities. We both love the thin straps and amazing coverage it provides without all the wires and padding. Best bra ever!

  22. Cassandra McLeod (verified owner)

    Thank you NDA! As a single mastectomy breast cancer survivor, I am thrilled with the way the Elli Bralette fits! It is so comfortable and does not “dig in” on the area where surgery was done. I am wearing my Azalea every day!

  23. Jenni S. (verified owner)

    The Elli bralette is awesome! I love the thin straps with tank tops. My daughter loves hers as a first bra. I just bought one for Christmas for my sister. She is going to love me for it! So comfy!

  24. C. Stuhr

    My mother bought me this bra as a gift and it’s AMAZING! It fits me perfectly and is so soft and comfortable! I wear it for all occasions and can even sleep with it on!! FAVORITE BRA I OWN BY FAR!! Definitely buying another one!

  25. Jennifer de Brux (verified owner)

    We have this bra in every color. It’s incredibly comfortable and doesn’t move, so you don’t have to readjust. You’ll forget you’re even wearing a bra! These really are fabulous!

  26. Stef

    This bra is the most amazing bralette ever created, I haven’t worn a normal bra more than 5 times since getting this! It’s so comfortable and I never have to worry while wearing it. The colours are perfect and work with all my outfits!

  27. Amanda Groves

    I have all 3 colors and wear one everyday of life. I am so cold at work and the Elli bralette is my solution for nipple concealment in a professional setting. Thank you NDA! Brilliant!

  28. Amy Nasworthy (verified owner)

    I’m obsessed with the Elli bralette. Seriously, I own all three colors and sizes. It’s that perfect. I don’t need or want any extra padding but sometime I want to cover my nipples. I have struggled with medical tape, band-aids, sticky cups that don’t stick, padded bras that bunch and wrinkle, sports bras, regular bras, no bra… the list goes on and nothing has ever come close to satisfying me. Enter the Elli bralette… hello dream come true! The Elli is comfortable and concealing without any added bunch. I love it! Thank you, Becky!!

    For reference I am 5’2” and weigh 107-111 lbs. I probably wear a 32C or D in standard bra sizes and prefer the large Elli. (I have implants)

  29. Courtney

    I got my first bralette and immediately needed more! I did end up sizing up with my second order. I usually wear a small but felt I wanted a bit more coverage as the small felt like an xs to me. The mediums were perfect! These are so comfortable and functional! I love the thin straps and nipple concealer. I’ve worn them for everyday, for workouts, and for sleeping!

  30. Meghan Brown

    I wear this bra daily. I’ll never go back to wire bras or typical sports bras that cut off my circulation. I’m a 36B and love the size large.

  31. Kristin Ormand (verified owner)

    This has become my uniform, comfortable and supportive. My other bras are envious because they are not going anywhere lately. Highly recommend!!

  32. Becki Stillwagon (verified owner)

    So comfortable! I have been an underwire gal with no problem for many years. But as we’ve transitioned to working from home, I’m so much more aware of the comfort factor with what I’m wearing each day. I have been wearing my two Elli bralettes non stop and about to order more! I have one other bralette that is comfortable, but is definitely not hiding anything and I won’t wear it out in public as a result. Seriously can’t recommend this product enough! It’s the best of all worlds!

  33. Chene (verified owner)

    My 12 year old daughter lives in these bralettes! They are ultra soft and more comfortable than similar bralettes she has worn. A bonus is that they easily go from everyday wear to sports.

  34. Sofia (verified owner)

    I really like the Elli Bralette! It’s comfortable and cute too
    You can sort of see the outline of the concealer at the top of it, but it doesn’t show a lot. The circle for the nipple is also not very big which is a little annoying. I have to move the bra around from time to time but… Overall I think it’s a great bralette! I would love to have a sports bra like this! Maybe something longline since my nipples are kind of lower down lol
    Thank you! 🙂

    • Non Disclosure Apparel (verified owner)

      Thank you for the amazing feedback Sofia – So great! Yes, I too have to double check the concealer to make sure it’s on my nipple:) Usually, if I adjust the straps, the concealer stays right where it needs to be. Also, I hear ya – it is annoying to be able to “see” the concealing circle. So much so, I almost didn’t launch the product. However, because the technology works so well, I told myself it didn’t matter if the concealing circle is visible without a shirt on – the purpose for this bra is to conceal nipples “under” clothing. Sports bra, yes I agree! I nip most in the gym when I’m sweaty in the AC and the Elli has been doing the trick so far. However my friend, sports bras are on the list!!!! Thank YOU Girl, I’m so glad you like it!!!

  35. Makayla Lorenz

    Thank you, I really like the fit and feel of the material. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends! Thanks again!

  36. Melinda Immelman (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the Elli! I have all colors. I have augmented breasts and don’t need much support. I don’t like underwires or any extra padding. The Elli is perfect for me because I need to conceal my nipples. Also, it’s very comfortable. I live in hot & humid low country & the Elli is the answer to all my needs.

  37. Willa Thomas

    I love this bra! The material is so soft and it’s super comfortable. It’s great for yoga and everyday errands or activities. I want one in every color. By far my favorite bra now. It provides the perfect amount of support for my small boobs. Love it!

  38. Karen Peters (verified owner)

    I seriously think I have been on the search for the Eli bralette for 34 years or so! Nipples shining through was a constant in each of my life’s stages…preteen to my 40s! NDA offered the solution – a lightweight, comfortable solution that truly works! Honestly, I could get away without wearing a bra if my nipples did not attract such attention! Now at least I have the solution that is the next best thing to goIng without a bra! I love the Eli and will recommend it to my friends without hesitation! Thank you

  39. Jennifer Narramore Boyanton (verified owner)

    Finally! I don’t have to be bound by wire!!!! I love the Elli! Would love a bandeau (s) in colors for summer or interchangeable colorful straps, as I am pushing 50 (hard and fast) My daughter has seen my Elli and has requested several for herself. After filling out 14 college applications and going to the Unified Auditions in Chicago…..well…I was going to make her wait but you know I’m not!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE❤️❤️❤️

  40. Crystal Floyd (verified owner)

    Best bra ever! So comfy. I am in healthcare so I need to be able to move without restrictions and not worry about my nipples showing in the cooler air of medical centers. This bra is so comfortable and definitely conceals. Highly recommend.

  41. Emily Linville

    This is by far the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned!! It has become my all time favorite. I love that it conceals without heavy padding!

  42. Sarah Reed

    I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this company’s journey for many years, and to get to hold the finished product in my hand was beyond exciting. What was even better, though, is that I’ve since gotten to wear my NDA bra for several weeks and it is even better than advertised. Seriously, it’s so comfortable I don’t want to wear anything else. As a mom and entrepreneur, I am increasingly looking for things that make me feel confident while also being comfortable, and I especially like to support small business. Do yourself a favor and try out this bra – it’s amazing!

  43. Brianna (verified owner)

    Love this bra! This is my new go to everyday bra but also delicate and pretty enough to wear out to events! It is even supportive enough for work outs and horseback riding. I currently have the Beach but will be ordering all colors of the Elli! I wear a 34/C or 36/B and the large Elli fits me perfect!

  44. Elizabeth Stewart

    I once loathed the thought of standing warrior pose in the mirror-filled room at my yoga studio. It’s so not relaxing thinking “my nips are showing”. Elli bra to my rescue! I ordered a large in the storm. Love it. I’m a solid 34C. No spillage, no uní-boob and NO nips during yoga! Ordering azalea next. That color is gorgeous! Where has this bra been people!?! Women unite! It’s awesome! Thank you, Non-Disclosure Apparel!

  45. Stayce Koegler (verified owner)

    Thank you ND Apparel!! My daughter is very active and this bralette translates well from an everyday bra to even the soccer field! And it’s SO soft!

  46. Beth Tamplin Jones

    I now have both the beach and storm colors in the Elli bralette and my daughter has the azalea and beach. We wear it to yoga and the gym, under tissue-thin t-shirts and blouses, and she even wears it to soccer practice and running. They are comfortable all day long, provide enough support for these small boobs (can’t speak for the better endowed), and as someone who can nip through a table, I can attest that those puppies will be concealed. Thanks NDA for designing the Elli. We are fans!

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