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The Story Behind the Nipple Concealing Bra

Becky Connelly, Owner of Non Disclosure Apparel

Filling a Void in The Bra Industry

We want to confident and carefree in our clothing and the type of bra we wear plays a major role in this. The problem's been, that we've been unable to find a non-padded bralette that also conceals our nips. We're frustrated by the lack of options and annoyed with  having to settle for uncomfortable padding, underwire and/or nipple covers.

Deciding on which bra to wear needs to be simple and easy. We shouldn't have to stress over whether our nips will show OR spend time worrying about our bra first place!

Inventing The Bra I've Always Wanted...

Owner / Designer, Becky Connelly at age 11

Hey, I’m Becky Connelly!

The truth is I’ve been self-conscious about my nipples showing through anything since I was 11 years old. In fact, it all started with this photo. My 11-year-old self cringed at the thought of people seeing my "boobies" peer through my knit dress.

Over the years I tried all the tricks to keep them hidden under my clothing:
Band-Aids, medical tape, folded-up tissue squares, bathing suit pads and silicone pasties, padded and molded-cup bras, you name it.

Padded bras are bulky and distorting. Molded-cup bras seemed to have a half inch of air space between the cup and my actual boob. Silicone nipple covers, adhesive breast petals and pasties worked best, but if I didn't sweat them off in the Charleston humidity, I'd later dread having to rip them off my oh so delicate skin.

Exasperated, I knew there had to be a better solution. I searched high and low for my dream bra: a wireless, nipple-concealing situation without any annoying foam or underwire.  At the time, I didn't realize that this type of bra is known as a "bralette".  I have small boobs (34B) so I just wanted a simple bralette that did one thing:  hide my nips.

Turns out, it didn't exist, so I set out to make the daggum thing myself.

After six years of experimenting with designs, fabrics and styles, I arrrived at a seamless bralette with a discreet, flexible, concealing petal sealed inside each cup. The round concealer is permanent, so no need to worry about it shifting, getting misshapen or lost in the wash.

Finally! Women like me – and you – have a comfortable bralette that also conceals our nips!

Sometimes you gotta refuse to accept the way things are and make them the way you want them to be.

3 Steps to Wearing What You Want
Illustration of woman realizing her nipples are showing under her shirt, she puts on The Elli Concealing Bralette, is satisfied with results and confidently runs a meeting - no nips.

Our incredibly comfortable, concealing bralettes are perfect for all ages.

1. Buy an Elli Bralette or Elli Excel

Choose your size and color -  save on two or more -  and get your new bralette(s) delivered right to your mailbox.  As always, contact us with questions!  

2. Wear Whatever You Want

From loungewear to sportswear, you can wear even your thinnest tops and tees with confidence.

3. Never worry about your nipples showing through your clothing again!

With a patent-pending concealer permanently sealed inside each cup, you can check this worry off your list!  

Ready to stop stressing about your dang bra?