The Story

The Story Behind the Nipple Concealing Bralette

Owner / Designer, Becky Connelly at age 11

It all started with this photo.  My 11 year old self cringed at the thought of people seeing my nipples peer through my knit dress.  Fast forward 35 years and I am still way bothered when my nipple behavior is apparent to anyone looking my way.

For years, YEARS, I taped, bandaged and "folded-up-tissue paper-in-the-bra" trick'ed my nipples, attempting to preempt the embarrassing moments 'they' decided to stand at (and attract!) attention.

I found padded bras too bulky and distorting. Molded cup bras seemed to have half an inch of air space between the cup and my actual boob. Silicone nipple covers, adhesive breast petals and pasties worked best, but if I didn't sweat them off in the Charleston humidity, I'd dread later having to peel them off my oh so delicate skin.

I searched for my ultimate "dream" bra: a lightweight, non-padded, nipple concealing situation with no semblance of pre-molded cups or underwire.  Turns out, it didn't exist, so I had to make the daggum thing myself.

Um, yeah...about me.  I'm not really considered a "rule follower" and occasionally, my noncompliance gets me into trouble (just ask my husband). The mission of NDA is born of the same spirit: Refusing to accept the way things are, and changing it to the way I (you) want it to be!