What is the Best Way to Hide My Nipples Under Clothing?

The Best Way to Prevent Nipple Show

When I Googled “what is the best way to hide my nipples under clothing”, I was not surprised by the numerous blogs and articles attempting to answer this question with tips and tricks. Apparently, nipple hiding “how to” content is online because we really want to know “what is best way”?

Well, if you’re a bralette wearer, the best way to hide your nipples from showing is to don an Elli Bralette. Sure, I’m partial, but here’s why: It took six years of prototyping to perfect the concealing system that’s permanently nestled in the center of each Elli cup. At attention, my nipples could cut glass – so while developing the concealer, who do you think was the test model? Yours truly.

No nipple show through clothing
No Nipple Show with The Elli Bralette

Finally, I arrived at a system of fabric, a “concealing stack” I call it, that when placed inside a bralette, it was/is impossible to see an erect nipple. Eureka! This concealing stack is thin (not thick like padding) and flexible enough to bend around the curvature of a breast yet rigid enough to hold down any nipple. Next step: share with women like me, looking for the very same solution. And here we are…

The concealing stacks are now assembled in New Jersey, then sent to California where the manufacturer heat seals them into each seamless knit cup before sewing. What this means, my friends, is that these things are permanent, they ain’t going anywhere, especially not the filter of your washing machine.

So what is all this hubbub about? The concealer inside The Elli Bralette prevents your nipples from poking through your clothing, period. As in, no nipple show. Zero. It allows for you to have a smooth appearance, even in the tissuey-est tee, the coldest AC. It’s a solution. It’s THE solution. The best answer to the Google query.

Becky Connelly, Owner/Designer

Non Disclosure Apparel Owner, Becky Connelly with daughter

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