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Best Bra for Nipple Coverage - Meet the Elli Bralette

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The Ideal Bralette for Small Boobs

The best bra for nipple coverage is the Elli Bralette because it's designed to conceal nipples, not just cover them.

Our patented bralette design was created around our nipple concealing petals. They're completely foam free, paper thin and permanently sealed in place within each cup.

Why? Because we got tired of having to think about how to conceal our active nips. The constant search for pasties or figuring out which outfits distract from our headlights or wearing THICK padded bras was anything but simple. And nothing ever provided 100% concealment PLUS comfort - until we made the Elli Bralette.

The Elli is the only non-padded bralette with 100% guaranteed nipple concealment! AND is so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it. This isn't just our biased opinion, either.

Take it from Anri B., a verified customer who told us,

"This bralette is soft and flexible, making it feel like a second skin. I can wear it all day without feeling like I need to take it off as soon as I get home."

When we say that the Elli Bralette is the best bra for nipple coverage, it's because hundreds of women like Anri have said the same thing (read their reviews here). But what exactly makes it the best? 

Nipple Concealing Petals

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The Elli Bralette’s nipple concealing petals is the pièce de résistance. Now made of seven ultra-thin layers, each petal is permanently heat sealed in place and practically invisible. It's flexible, curving with the shape of your breast, and strong enough to conceal nipple jewelry as well.

What we love most about our nipple concealing petals is that there's absolutely no foam involved. And because they're designed to shape to your breast, rather than shaping your breast, there's also no weird gaping.

Wire Free, Seamless Bra

girl getting a clothespin out of her pocket - Best Bra for Nipple Coverage

Next to our concealing petals, making sure that the Elli Bralette was comfy AF was our most important goal. So, it only made sense to design a bra that's wire free and seamless.

For starters, seamless bras are the leggings of lingerie. We LOVE it when customers tell us that their Elli Bralette is so comfortable they forget they're wearing it because it's TRUE.

Seamless bras feel like a second skin. And thanks to our ribbed Nylon/Spandex fabric, you can wear your Elli Bralette literally anywhere – the gym, the beach, to work, you name it.

We also immediately knew we wanted to eliminate underwires because – hello – they jab and poke all day long!!! And wouldn't it be nice to wear a bra that you didn't immediately look forward to taking off at the end of the day?

Not to mention, the purpose of an underwire is to help shape the breast, and when you're a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee... it's just unnecessary.

Ideal Bra For Small Chests

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The most widely known and accepted methods of nipple coverage revolve around foam padding and silicone nipple covers. And while we can't bash the latter (hell, we still wear our silicone nip covers from time to time), foam padded bras just do not work when you have small boobs.

Gaping cups, superfluous padding, digging underwire, prickly back clasps – all for a little coverage to lessen the visibility of your nipples.

The Elli Bralette is the ideal bra for small chests because it eliminates everything you don't need – padding, underwires, excessive structure - while providing guaranteed concealment, not just coverage. It's easy to put on and even easier to forget you're wearing it.  

Where Can You Purchase?

If you're local to Charleston, a few boutiques stock the Elli Bralette. But as an online bra store, we also ship nationwide and internationally. Plus, our first generation Elli Bralettes are currently on sale. Get one while you still can. 

And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to DM us on Instagram or Facebook, or send us an email! We LOVE chatting with our customers and are more than happy to help you choose a size, a color or just vent about nipple concealment.

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