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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the bralettes made?

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Our bralettes are 100% made in the USA. Our concealing petals are fabricated in New York and our bras are knitted, sewn and dyed in California.

Why is this bralette "more expensive"?

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• The bralette is made in the USA, in small batch production, and we incur high labor costs to assemble it.
• Our concealing petals are cut by hand, one by one, and then sent to our manufacturer to be heat sealed into the cups, one by one.
• In other words, it's is not the box store bralette that's mass produced overseas. There is literally, no comparision.

What is meant by "seamless bralette"?

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• It means that the bralette is knitted in one, continuous piece without the use of without seams. Many bras are "cut and sew", made from a pattern and the parts and the structure is sewn together.

• It means that there is no back clasp or additional hardware poke or jab you. Pull it over your head, get dressed and walk out the door.

What material is the bralette made of?

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The Elli Bralette is made of a superior grade Nylon / Spandex blend (92/8). Think bralette meets sports bra, if you will. It's soft and stretchy with "gentle hugging" support so it's not too tight, just right.

The rings and slides (on adjustable straps) are made of smooth alloy, which is nickel and lead free.

Will the bralette make my boobs look flat?

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If you’re accustomed to molded cup t-shirt bras, you may find the Elli to be flattening by comparison. Interestingly enough, The Elli Bralette has been reported to provide cleavage. To see it in action, check out this Instagram Video of Non Disclosure Apparel founder, Becky Connelly (5′-9″, 135lbs, 34B, Elli Bralette Size: M).

Will the concealing petal be visible through my shirt?

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If wearing a tight fitting shirt, the outline of the concealing petal will be faintly visible. Also, the ribbed outer lining of the cup may be stuck to the inner lining. If this happens, you can gently pull it away from the concealer underneath.

Like any other bra, the Elli Bralette is not perfect. The good news is that it's the best concealing bra option on the market and if you're a comfy t-shirt kinda girl, it will be perfect for you.

The bralette feels too tight, what do I do?

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If you are wearing the correct size, give it a couple of days to get to know your body. It will become supple and have the perfect amount of give. 

If it's way too tight, it's likely too small. The Elli Bralette is meant to feel like not wearing a bra so "too tight" is defeating this end.  We are happy to exchange it for the next size up if available. Have a look at our Size Chart or Contact Us with sizing questions.

The concealing petal is not centered on my nipple, now what?

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Reach inside the cup and adjust your breast so that your nipple is centered under the concealing petal. You can also loosen or tighten the straps to adjust the placement. The Elli Bralette is stretchy so moving the cup back and forth or up and down, so that your nipple is centered under the concealer, will work too.

The concealing petal is looks "flat". Is this supposed to happen?

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The bralettes have been lying flat and stacked in inventory. Often times, this causes the concealer to appear "flat" at first glance. Do not fret, you can manipulate it back into a convex shape. 

To do this, while wearing the bra, reach inside the lining and gently press the concealing petal outwards with your thumb. Simultaneously, use your fingers to smooth the edges of the petal on the outer, ribbed side. 

At any point during the life of the bra, you can repeat the above process of manipulating it to curve with your breast. 

The strap has detached from my bralette, now what?

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Girl, we got you. The straps are sewn on by hand so if one of them becomes detached (which happens almost never), we will replace it. No questions asked.

Will the concealing petal ever detach from the bralette fabric?

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The built-in concealer is permanently sealed inside the cups with a pneumatic heat press.  With normal tugging like pulling it over your head, washing, drying, stepping into it and pulling the cups down for nursing, etc., the concealing petal will not shift, move or detach. If you're really trying to rip the concealing petal from the lining of the cup (not sure why you would ever do that) it could possibly separate from the fabric. That said, we've never had that happen.

What's the best way to try on my new bralette?

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Try it on when your skin is 100% clean and dry (free deodorant, lotion, self-tanner, oils, or fragrance, etc.). Here's our Returns and Exchange policy.

Gently pull the bralette over your head OR step into it and carefully pull up to meet your breasts. Adjust the cups so that each nipple is in the center of concealing petal. Adjust the straps as needed.

How do I wash the bralette?

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"Hand Wash and Hang to Dry" is recommended method of washing the bralette. Why? Because repeated washing machine/dryer cycles will beat up integrity of the bra (you know this already).

If you must put in the washing machine, use a mesh lingerie bag and wash in cold water, delicate cycle. Hang to Dry: with cups facing the floor, hang by looping the back band around a hook, hanger, door knob, tub faucet, ironing board, etc. This bra will be your new bestie, so you'll want to take care of it.

If the bralette finds its way into the dryer, be prepared for it to feel bit tighter after tumbling in heat for 45 minutes.

Find out more in our blog post "How to Wash Your Bralette"

Customer Service

I don't see the answer to my question, how can I get in touch?

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Please, please contact us. We're obsessed with this little bra company and check our email 900 times a day.

Shipping And Returns

How do I exchange or return a bralette?

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Our domestic exchange and return process is a pretty easy. Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.

Do you provide international shipping?

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Yes we do! Make sure to reference our size chart and/or contact us for sizing help as we do not accept international returns or exchanges. Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy.


I'm interested in carrying The Elli Bralette in my brick and mortar store. How do I get in touch?

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We love our retailers! Please contact us for wholesale information.

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