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Bralette Reviews

Kind Words From Customers

It's no secret that The Elli Bralette, in our humble opinion, is the best bralette out there. From its wireless and seamless design to being offered in racerback and classic styles, our bras are the real deal, and our buyers rave about them ALL. THE. TIME.

Have a look below at just some of the few reasons why people always come back to scoop up our bralettes in every color!

Based on 279 reviews
Soft and comfortable

I ordered two new Elli bralettes because I wear one everyday! I have a small bust (32A) and nothing else is as comfortable.


This was a perfect first bra for my daughter! She says it is comfy and it does a good job. Plus customer service was great!


I've finally found a bra that allows my shirts to look great without being self conscious about what might be showing through! Never thought I'd need a "large" size having worn 'medium' one-size-fits-all bras all my life, but that's what worked for me! THANK YOU for making such a comfortable and good-looking bra!

Best bra ever

I’m SO HAPPY I found this bra and this company! It is exactly what I had been searching for… as a new mama comfort is key for breastfeeding and there are literally zero breastfeeding bras out there that are comfortable but also give you nip coverage. Breastfeeding or not, it is the best bra I have ever found. NDA is a no brainer, why aren’t all bras like this?!? I am so done with removable pads that fall out in the wash, yay! NDA forever!

Works great!

This works so good and is just the right size! Nothing shows which is great. Less supportive than my old underwire, but that’s what I expected.


It’s so simple and comfortable. I am 32C size. I tried medium and large. Return process for the wrong size was easy. Took a few days to get used to but now I won’t wear anything else. Ultimately I felt most comfortable with the medium size as suggested. The colors are also perfect neutrals.

The perfect bra!

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for - a super lightweight bra that just hides the nips. It’s so hard to find a padded bra that isn’t also super bulky, or the padding moves around/gets bunched up. The Elli checks all the boxes! I’m a 36B so I tried both the M and L. The M fits perfectly because it’s so stretchy and soft without being tight. The L also fit but was too much excess fabric for me, but I could see this being a good fit for someone who wants more coverage or support. The exchange process was super easy and quick. So so happy I found these!!!!

Exactly as described. Excellent product


32C. I tried the M and L to compare. I like both but the M was my favorite. At first I wasn’t sure it was enough coverage, but that’s the whole point. I love not feeling like I’m in a container, and other bras get so hot to wear in the summer too. Thank you!!

Nancy--Austin, TX

I cannot say enough about these bras!!! I will NEVER go back to a traditional style. I feel so comfortable and pretty while wearing the Elli bralette. Thank you so much, NDA. You have made me very happy!


I bought 2 bralettes for myself and 2 for my tween daughter and we both absolutely love them! They are so comfortable and provide exactly the coverage I wanted! Thank you for a fabulous product

Where have you been all my life?

Title says it all. I’m 59 years old. When I was younger (and a bit firmer :)) I wore “little nothing” bras all the time but was always embarrassed by my large nips. Always crossing my arms, wearing an extra loose layer, etc. As I got older, I started wearing underwire bras with light padding to lift the girls and get the job done, so to speak. But walking the dog, running errands, lounging at home in an underwire? Awful. But, zero options until NDA. I actually found you when I was looking for something comfortable for an overnight flight. An underwire for a long plane flight? I can’t even…thank you for creating this wonderful product.

THE best bra I own

I'm 30 yo and I cannot believe it has taken me so long to find a bra that conceals my nipples, is incredibly comfortable and low cut enough for tank tops. I've looked at so many different bra products and their reviews. I've bought so many bras only to hate how uncomfortable they are. I searched Reddit for the perfect bra and so happy I saw a comment to this company! Please do not stop making these bras!!

Great bralette

I wear a 34 DD and always have issues finding something strong enough to hold me and covers my nipples. These have to be the strongest ones Ive ever bought. There light great hold and perfect for a tank top or tee shirt. Good buy highly recommended

Love this bralette!! I can’t help but wear it everyday!

Like it , but it’s too small.

Nude Bralette: 'Beach' Color
Veronica De Mornay-O'Neal
not great

the “nipple cover” which is the whole reason I bought the bra is only a small circle that rarely actually covers the nipples. not sure why they didn’t just make it the whole front material. and the straps don’t hold their tightness, they slide down to the loosest version. got a L which I am but my nipples keep popping out. would honestly like to return or refund. disappointed

Hi Veronica! Thank you for 5 stars, although it doesn't sound like you're happy the bralette. The smallest concealing petal layer, the piece de resistance, is 1.5' in diameter which captures most nipple locations. That said, not all nipples are located in the same place. The Elli Bralette provides ideal nipple coverage for 90% of our customers. For the 10% it doesn't work for, we will offer custom petal placement in the next production of our L size (late summer arrival).

As far as the strap hardware sliding down, this occurs when breast tissue gravity is pulling 'down' on the bralette. The Elli Bralette is ideal for women with small to medium sized breasts, up to 34D. That said, not all 34D, or even 36C customers are happy with the Elli Bralette's minimialist design. For this reason, we are designing a fuller style bralette with wider straps (and more coverage). We will offer custom petal placement for a limited amount of these as well. The first prototype is almost perfect so it won't be long with this style either.

We are dedicated to customer experience AND satisfaction and will be happy to refund you for the bralette. Please check your email inbox for USPS return label.

Veronica, we hope that in future, one of our nipple concealing bralette designs will work for you!

Finally!! An amazing bralette

I have been looking for a bra like this for years. Enough coverage so my nipples don’t poke through, but no padding that makes me look bigger than I am. I was so sick of bras with removable padding that get folded in the wash. These bras are so comfortable. I feel like I’m wearing nothing. They are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I can’t believe they are the only of its kind to exist.

Love it!

The Ellie is such a comfortable bra, I work 12 hour days and when I wear the Ellie I don’t feel the need to take it off as soon as I get home.
I’m a 34B/C and ordered a large. I feel supported throughout the day and confident knowing that the inlaid petals will conceal my nips!

Nude Bralette: 'Beach' Color
Whitney Lacapruccia
Very comfortable

I purchased my first “Ellie” and love wearing it! Not only is it comfortable but also concealing. I purchased for my daughters as well and they love the “Ellie” too!

Most amazing bra I’ve had!!!

I’ve been pushing off my review of the bra because I’m not sure of my exact bra size. I usually wear large in sports bras maybe 34 C in regular, I ordered the large and it has fit my breasts perfectly over the weeks. I have struggled in my adult years of concealing my nipples with every bra I have tried. I just can’t believe this has been created to do so. It’s truly amazing, it’s so comfortable I’m always finding myself checking to make sure my nipples aren’t showing hahaha. My cons of this bra would have to be the straps when I work they tend to loosen causing my breast to shift away from concealing pads and possibly a little bigger on the large size. But other than that, you excelled past perfect for this bra. Thank you so much for the elegant wrapping and card. Felt so personal and caring, I even used the ribbon for holding my curtain in my room open. Def need to order more of these. 🩵🩵🩵

We love these bralettes. They're so soft and comfortable with the perfect amount of coverage. They come in lots of colors and look like a layering piece so the Tween girls don’t mind wearing them. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Been looking for a bra for yrs like this!! Gonna order more. So happy I came across this on internet. This bra has zero padding and is concealing. Perfection!!

Exactly what I was looking for!

New confidence in wearing my favorite tight tanks! Finally no show through! Thank you so much.

'Beach' Elli Bralette - 2.0
Kimberly Miller
Love this bralette

Great bralette - no nipping. Great quality, fast shipping, and personal note - try them out!

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