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Based on 106 reviews
Sandra Moorehead

So happy with this most comfortable bralette. Have been waiting for someone to make one that provides nipple coverage without bulk! This one fits the bill---Thank you!

Mia Tubbiolo
SO comfy

I’ve never really noticed my nipples poking through but these bras are SO comfy! I can’t go back to other bralettes!


These are the best bras! I am a mother of 3 who has always struggled to find a comfortable bra that doesn’t feel intrusive, doesn’t have a noticeable bra line and that does hide the nipples. This is it! Complete perfection. I have one in three colors and am so grateful to have discovered NDA!

Big smiles at NDA this morning! It's so wonderful to read this, thank you. For years, I sat on the idea for this bralette, not knowing where or how to start. When I finally took the first step towards developing a concealing bralette, the one thing that kept me charging ahead, through years of trial, error, naysayers and uncertainty, was the gut feeling that other women wanted the same thing: a comfy, non-padded bra that hides their nips! You are one of these women and I am grateful to you for sharing it! Becky

Done with other bras

I’ve replaced all other bras with these. Obviously, they won’t work for everyone, but for those of us in the target market they are by far the most comfortable bra available.

Thank you for taking the time to write this amazing review! It's the only bra so many of us wear now and weI appreciate you mentioning this. One of our customers actually said she feels sorry for her 'other' bras after discovering the Elli Bralette! :)

Elizabeth S.
Amazing bra and company

This is the only bra/bralette I use for my daughter, although I’ve bought others they end up only being used around the house, at most.
She started developing a little bit early and the concealers sewn directly into the bra are a life saver. They supported and helped hide her budding breasts as she was self conscious about them. We started at an XS and after almost two years have graduated to a S. I have ordered at least 9 bras in total in various sizes, colors, styles (racer back & original) and will continue to do so. They are super soft, it doesn’t feel like she’s wearing anything at all she tells me. Adjustable straps are great so they don’t fall down ever, and they just work as you can tighten them for the perfect fit.
I even ordered some last minute before we went on vacation the size up because I noticed she was growing a bit and reached out about shipping time. I was contacted directly by the owner asking when we we’re leaving so she could get them them to us before we left, which they did. When they arrived there was also a handwritten, note included in the box wishing us a great vacation!
I love these bras and company. They are well worth the money and I highly recommend them. They have been a lifesaver in my house helping to give my daughter the confidence and reassurance she needed (still needs) during all these changes.

Wow! Thank you Elizabeth for this amazing review!! Sounds like the Elli Bralette is doing the job it was designed to do! It's the bra I wish had existed when I was young - on up to adulthood and it pleases me to no end that it's helping for your daughter feel confident! Stories like hers is literally why we created the concealing bralette. Thank you for sharing! Becky

Stacy Amorim
The best!

I’ve been searching like something like this forever! So happy to have found it. The bralette is super soft and stretchy and now I can wear it with anything and not have to add extra inserts or apply petals :).

Thank you Stacy! We're thrilled the Elli Bralette works for you and Thank You also for ordering one in every color!!

Conceal with comfort

My three Elli bralettes are a great find! They are very comfortable and offer perfect concealment without padding. I can now wear my fitted tops with ease and comfort. Becky offers fantastic personalized service and shopping with her online is quick and easy!

Wow!! Thank you Liz! We’re so glad the Elli Bralette works for you! Yes! It’s designed specifically to be concealing and perfectly comfy at the same time. Thank you for taking the time to write this amazing review!

Awesome !

Love this bra! Shipping to Canada was quick and easy; packaged very well too. First bra that I feel confident wearing in summer tops- conceals my giant (ie thimble size) and asymmetrical nips! Perfect for humid and sweaty weather too. Thank you so much for making this bra!

Hi! Thank you for an amazing review! We're so glad the Elli Bralette is doing it's job!

Morgan Brigham



So happy I stumbled upon this site in my search! Ive always been self conscious of my nipples showing, but have never really found a bra that is comfy as well as discreet. Definitely will be purchasing more! I have implants and wear a 34C and the M/L fits great! Thank you!!

Thank you Julia! I'm happy that you found us too! The Elli is designed for women like you and me that just want a comfy bra to keep our nipples under wraps :) Thank you also for mentioning your implants. Our customers with heavier, natural 34C's usually opt for our Excel size. Now with your testimonial, 34C women with implants will know they can back it down a size! Such a helpful resource, thank you!
* sizing notes: M/L = 'M' & Excel = 'L' on new website (launching the week of 6/20)

Elli Bralette

Everything I was looking for! After a long search for a bralette that conceals the nips but didn't look like a nursing bra, I finally found this gem. Super comfortable, conceals the nips without padding, works with v-neck tops, and cute. The sizing chart was very helpful, I am a 36A and ordered a M/L. Also love the thin straps!

Isabelle S

This bra is cute, comfy, and does what it says it’ll do. My only critique is that I wish the inner lining had been sewn on for durability and the inner tag is slightly itchy. Still my favorite bra I’ve ever worn though!

Hi Isabelle! We're so glad the Elli is your favorite bra! The label has been updated on our last production run. Some colors still have the original label, which some customers find to be scratchy. In the past, we've been able to take it off and would be happy to do this for you. It's a rudimentary process of heating and scraping but the end result is no label! Shooting you an email now...

Laura River
Exceeded my expectations

I love the personal touch with the orders and the packaging! I loved that the packaging didn't have 'bra' written on it cause I'm more of a private person and don't like when people can tell what I order by looking at the package. That may sound silly, but I love that this packaging is private.

Now about the bralette!! I was a bit concerned that the texture of the bra would show through my shirts, but so far, it doesn't seem to. Sometimes, I can see the top outline of the bralette, but that's nearly true of every bra out there so not a downfall for me. I have been using Haines concealing bras for several years but over the past couple years they are just not as comfortable and actually cause me back/shoulder pain. I took a business trip recently and was wearing the bralette for 18.5 hours straight and I have never been that comfortable in a bra and not had back/shoulder pain from wearing a bra for that long. That really sold me!

My job is pretty physically intense since I am an equine hoof care practitioner, so I am lifting horse legs, trimming them, and just getting all sorts of sweaty and nasty. So far these bralettes have been incredibly comfortable during all that hard work. They stay in place so I do not need to adjust them and they also move with me so they do not constrain my shoulders which is wonderful! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to wear a bra that does not give me shoulder and upper back pain!

I also just love that it is concealing, no padding, and no wires because those are what I want in a bra. I was a bit skeptical of the comfort, but after working all day and traveling, and not being in pain, I am sold!

This is definitely something I recommend getting because I promise you will be comfortable and enjoy the breathability and mobility of the bra.

All that said, if you wear a lighter colored and/or tighter shirt, the outline of the concealing circle will show through and make it appear that your nipples are showing, but they aren't (yes I have to convince myself of that so that I will wear it with the lighter shirts, but I promise it is not your nipples). That is one thing I don't like about the bra but there are a lot more positives for me that I will keep wearing them. I have found that if I rumple the shirt a little bit when I am wearing it (so that there are creases here and there) it distracts and even hides the concealing circle a bit more.

Sizing does seem to be accurate. I haven't tried any other of the sizes, but I do think that it fits well though check out the sizing chart before you get it so you get the size more closely to your actual size. Also, because the material is lighter and there is not much of it, it seems to dry pretty fast after washing.

Comfortable, but....

OK, full disclosure (embarrassingly so....) my nipples are big/out of proportion for my breasts, which are small. I have a very hard time finding anything with thinner padding that provides complete coverage. . I am normally a 34B (I don't really fill out the B cup completely). I ordered a M in the bralette and it is very comfortable. Here is the problem for me....If I am wearing a fitted t-shirt, I can see the round concealer outline, and I can also slightly see my nipples. That being said, I decided to keep this because it is so comfortable. I didn't have to adjust anything and felt I could sleep it in without problem if I wanted to. I would just wear these under something looser fitting or around the house. If you have a bigger chest, I would not recommend as there is no support.

Oomph, 3 stars - that's a first. We're so sorry the bralette is not what you expected. The Elli Bralette is the best nipple concealing bra out there, especially for small breasted women. That said, like any other bra, it is not perfect. Yes, if wearing a tight shirt (depending on thickness of fabric) the outline of the petal will faintly show through. We almost didn't launch the bra because of this. Thankfully we did (bring it to market) because this bralette is a solution for women all over the world. Yes! It is ideal for looser fitting (not skin tight) tops and t-shirts and sleeping in it is very common with our customers. Thank you for mentioning the comfort of this bra, it really is amazing.

Jaesun Chong
awesome bralette!!

To be honest, I was a little cautious of all the positive reviews the bralette had. Like, no way it's that good right? However, it's super comfortable, it conceals the nipples, it looks cute, the shipping was incredibly fast, and the customer service was very nice and accommodating when I needed a size change. Thanks Non Disclosure Apparel! I'll have to order another one sometime soon.

Wow Jaesun! Thank you for taking the time to write a review! You're right, with only positive reviews, it's hard to believe that this product is actually, For Real. Plus, the fact we're a relatively new company (launched 2/2020), some may think the bralette seems too good to be true. Thank you for sharing this perspective, it's so helpful to others wondering the same thing. I'm thrilled this bralette is a solution for you! - Becky

Katie Stclair
Excellent Bra

Absolutely love these!

Katie DeVillez
The bra I’ve been looking for over the last 16 years!

I love this bra! I haven’t been able to wear a sports bra since 13. I had forgotten how comfortable they are! Even ladies with extra perky nipples won’t have any “headlights” showing through this bra! For years I’ve been wearing mega padded bras trying to conceal my nipples…extra padded bras that are HOT and fill with and soak up sweat during the summertime…the kind that feels soggy and gross for hours after you’ve finished sweating. Not with this bra! I can finally be cool, confident, and comfortable!


I’ve been looking for a bra like this for ever and this is a god send! There is nothing like this out there. It has amazing support whilst being incredibly comfortable and it covers my nipples perfectly without the thick fake padding most bras have. I have adhd and find all bras unbearable but not this one- I could wear it to sleep!
Size S/M

Samara Grimes

These bras are a must for healthcare workers- so comfy and nothing shows through my scrubs. Total game changer from the sports bras I was wearing before!


I just received my bralettes L/XL in storm and Atlantic.
I give 5 stars for the softness however I'm disappointed in how the concealer shows through my shirts.
I was super excited to finally find a bralette that wasn't underwires, and provided nipple coverage.
I add to adjust my boobs so my nips weren't poking out.
The concealer had a rough feel to it.
I wanted so bad to love these bralettes I will give these to my daughter.

Hi Carol! 5 stars for softness, thank you! Sometimes you have to reach in and adjust your breast so that your nipple is centered inside the concealing petal. We describe this in our FAQ section. As a 36D, you're a tad outside of the fit range for L/XL. We are working on a style that compliments 36D and above! Thank you for passing the bralette down to your daughter, we hope she's loving her Elli hand-me-down!


My teenage daughter was very hesitant about moving from her camisoles to a constricted bra when she really needed that extra support and these “bras” were the perfect fit! She loves them and still feels like she has the same comfort of a cami with the added support. Great color choices and super soft material!


These are the best bralettes ever! They are incredibly comfortable and absolutely do the perfect job in concealing my nips!!! I don’t have to be self conscious anymore. I originally purchased 2, and just purchased 3 more. Can’t wait until the racer back is back!

Corrie Topping

These Bralettes are amazing. Super comfortable and lightweight. I honestly can’t tell I am wearing any thing. Love this bra !!!


These are wonderful! My 12-year-old is all about feel. Things have to feel right for her to wear them. I bought one of these for her to try, and they have become the only bras she wants to wear. They smooth things out perfectly and more importantly - she thinks they're comfortable! They handle great in the washer/dryer, too.


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this bra! I have not been able to find a good concealing bra in many years and for those of us who need it, this is perfect. Totally conceals but is forgettably comfortable. Will definitely be ordering more. (And tossing my embarrassingly old ones!)

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