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So comfy!

I absolutely love it and will be ordering more!

Jennifer Gioseffi
Still waiting for it to arrive

This will be my second Elli Bralette when it ever arrives. As noted in this email it was fulfilled 9 days ago and still it has not arrived from USPS. Maybe consider how these items are shipping as this really is taking far longer than it should. That said, I do find the bralette very comfortable and am also looking forward to seeing the next version when they are available.

Hi Jennifer! So frustrating when you're excited to wear your new bralette and it seems to take forever to get to you! Instead of Mid-Atlantic, apparently USPS tossed it into the West Coast pile. Your bra traveled to Utah, then to Washington, where it hung out in Seattle for a few days before heading back to the East Coast (insert head in hand emoji). USPS is a great economical method of shipping, for us and our customers, and usually provides fast service! So sorry about this shipping mishap at your expense. Thank you again for ordering a new Elli Bralette and we too are looking forward to the Elli 2.0!!

Great Bralette

This bralette is what I was looking for but could not find anywhere else. Becky was very helpful and responsive when I needed to exchange sizes. I will be purchasing more in the future!

Stephanie Zupek
The Best Customer Service!

My daughter loves it and Becky went out of her way to make sure we had the right size. Thank you!

Ashley Arceneaux
Just OK

I ordered this bra because I'm starting an office job and have to hide my nipple piercings. The size guide said M/L for my size, I'm a 32D, & usually wear med or small shirts. The package came very fast and with a lovely hand-written card which I really appreciate, but the bra is way too small. It crushes my boobs down. The nipple cover inside is very hard like cardboard, and without any give. You can kind of see the circular cover through the shirt because its so hard. The bottom part that goes around your chest rolls up throughout the day. I do think it's more comfortable than a traditional bra and DOES cover my nipple piercings so I'm rating it 3 stars, but I think it's best to size up, and perhaps reconfigure the nipple covers in some way.

Dear Ashely, thank you for taking the time to leave this thoughtful review. As a small company, obsessed with our brand and most importantly, our customers., please know that if there is any issue, you can ALWAYS reach out to us first at This email address is a direct line to my inbox and unless I’m sleeping, I will be responding with a quickness. Ultimately, your comfort is of utmost importance and it sounds to me like our Large bralette may fit better. Due to the ribbed detailing, the Elli fits smaller than “other” bralettes and even though you’re accustomed to wearing S and M shirts, the L Elli may be in order for 32Ds. It all depends on breast shape and density and as the bralette is made of stretchy nylon knit, our size guide is not an exact science. We encourage customers to order two sizes, keeping the one that fits best, returning the other. That said, our L size is currently in production. Look out for a follow up email offering our L bralette as an exchange when it becomes available next month. Love, Becky

Not for me

I am a senior, size 34B. I was looking for a bralette that was lightweight, yet would provide some coverage. I bought two of the Elli bralettes. They are cute, nicely made, and I like the fabric and the colors, but the petals are hard to the touch. The effect when worn is flattening and not pleasing to me but I decided to keep the bralettes and try them for a while. Even after wearing and washing, they are still stiff and flattening, and the straps tend to be uncomfortable by the end of the day. I will wear them rarely or just donate them, and will not be buying more. It’s a pity, because I like the concept and really wanted them to work.

Hi AVE, thank you for your review! The Elli Style is not for everyone, we get it. It's seamless, wire free, soft and stretchy so when wearing it, your boobs will look like your boobs. The Elli Bralette's lack of rigid structure (that in 'other' bras, creates the illusion of shape) is the main reason women find the other bras so comfortable.

If one is accustomed to their bra providing shape, by comparison the Elli Bralette will have a flattening effect. With regard to the concealing petals: the smallest layer of the petal does seem rigid to the touch when not wearing the bra. When wearing it, the concealing petal warms with your body heat, becoming softer and bending with the shape of the breast. We've been brainstorming styles to fit a broader range of breast shapes and density. As I mentioned, the Elli Bralette style isn't for everyone and please know, you can always return the bralettes for refund. If donating, hopefully it will be the next person's new favorite bralette.

Billie Walls
Just what I was looking for!

An absolute game changer! Seamless, comfortable and functional! After a loss weight, I didn't have a need for my old bras but still had some insecurities around my nipples/headlights especially in athletic clothes. This was the solution I was looking for especially as someone who lives in athletic wear. It's the perfect t- shirt bra and provides that carefree yet secure feeling. I never feel insecure when it comes to my elli brallete... more importantly its comfortable! Gone are the days of underwire and bulky cups! Will be ordering a few more colors for sundresses!!

cup size 33a

Laurie Kanemoto
Really wish I could love these, but…

A couple points are preventing me from giving 5 stars. First though let me say that the ordering process was very easy and I received my purchase super quick! Colors were true to what I thought that they would be and sewing, labeling, and packaging was all very neat and and done with care- There was even a friendly personal note included :). But… and mind you, buying well fitting bras is never that straightforward. So on my end, I probably should have ordered a Large instead of a Medium. I am older and breastfed my kids eons ago, so my breasts are not as perky as they used to be. Given that, while the nipple coverage was as advertised (yea!) the bralettes really flatten me out in a not very flattering way. They fit is still more comfortable than my traditional underwire bras so I don’t feel it would be right to return them. I think these are probably ideal for A or B cup younger women and nicer than a traditional “training bra” for young ones.

Laurie, thank you for writing this thoughtful review! As you continue to wear the bralette it will become more supple, providing a bit more room to 'move' in the cups. Some of our customers have mentioned the Elli having a flattening effect. One of the reasons the bra is so comfortable is because it has no rigid structure to speak of. For this same reason, especially if you're accustomed to wearing underwire bras that provide more shape, it appears to have a flattening effect. We've emailed you a discount code to try our Large bralette if you'd like - it will be restocked in August. Thank you again for the comprehensive review. I appreciate your specificity and it will be very helpful to others! Becky

jill herren
Size small

This was my second elli bralette. Both sm and medium are supercomfy however I like the fit of the small best. I am a 34 B in regular bras.

Wow, thank you Jill! This review is fantastic and the specifics you provided will be so helpful to other 34Bs! Many of our customers, including me, wear have 2 sizes of the Elli Bralette. I too am a 34B yet prefer to wear the Medium size. However, if I'm wearing a super low cut top or one with gaping arm holes and wanta show less 'bra', I'll wear the Small size. It a snugger fit, sure, but the Elli is so comfortable , I can 'handle' it for a day. Thank you again! Becky

reesa Harrell
Great bra

Comfy light and hides the nips!

Picking the right size can be tricky, but this is a good bralette

Review Update: Even with the fit not being perfect, I still find myself reaching for this bralette over all my others. It is more comfortable after wearing it a few times and I am realizing how much I appreciate never having to worry about feeling exposed. I am looking forward to the restock so I can get my hands on a size large and I am hoping the 2.0 version is going to correct a lot of the issues I initially had.

I am really torn about this bralette. I don't think there is anything else like it on the market. I exclusively wear bralettes and desperately want something with nipple coverage, so I LOVE that. However, the fit is challenging for me. I have small A-cup breasts but a very wide rib cage. The size medium feels too snug, but I worry the large would be too big for my breasts. Also, because my little bitty titties are a little bitty saggy from years of breastfeeding, I've had some trouble getting a secure fit where my nips are actually covered by the nipple coverage disks. Not impossible, but takes more adjusting than I'd like. My last gripe is that I wish the straps were a bit wider. After a full day of wear, there are dig marks on my shoulders from the thin strap. Again, I don't have big heavy breasts, so maybe my body is just too long and wide despite my tiny boobs. I will keep it and wear it for those thinner shirts where my nips are obvious, but I wish it was more comfortable on my body.

Hi CBR! Thank you for taking the time to submit a review. NDA is a small bralette company, one of which I'm obsessed with, and a 5 star customer experience is what we're aiming for here. You can always, always reach out to me: with sizing concerns. I'm always on standby!

That said, the large (L) bralette may actually be more comfortable for you. It is more coverage for an A cup but with a wider ribcage, it will definitely be more comfortable than how you describe the M to fit. And it has wider straps too. Many of our customers wear both the M and L size.

I want you to love this bra and hopefully the L size is exactly what you're looking for Reaching out via email to arrange this size sent out to you upon restock.


Not right for everyone

Super comfortable but the medium was way too small and I’m a 34C. I’ve never bought a bra bigger than a medium and had an issue. This looked like little girls sizing and the nipple pads didn’t cover where my nipples are. It’s also not supportive at all. So pretty much a comfortable bra for home if you have pjs on with guests but that’s it. Very disappointed.

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Our bralettes fit smaller than most because of the ribbed detail - it causes the bra to draw in a bit like an accordion. Women who are accustomed to ordering a particular size are surprised when the bralette is smaller than expected. Per our size chart, our Medium bralettes fit up to 34B or 36A.

Our Large is actually the size for you. Our 34C customers, as you will hopefully discover, are more comfortable in our Large bralette.

We’re happy to send you a return label for the Medium bralette as well as issue a discount coupon for an exchange (for size Large) when our inventory is restocked this summer.

It really is a comfortable bra I hope you are willing to give it another try.

Edit: I'm so glad you want to try the Large bralette. Hopefully this will turn this 2 start review into 5 stars! We're keeping all of our customers posted on restock date!!

❤️ Becky

Sandy Still
The MOST comfortable bra!

The Elli bralette is the Holy Grail of bras! Finally a bra that feels like I’m not even wearing a bra. It is so comfortable - wears like it’s barely there versus all the other bras in the world that are so constrictive and uncomfortable. As a happy bonus this is the first bra I’ve ever worn that gives me flattering cleavage. I love this bra so much and will definitely get more.

Marian Wolff
Very comfortable

The material is very comfy. I like the thicker band on the large size. I bought this to sleep in for added suppor but could easily wear all the time.

Billie Walls
The one bra I’ve been looking for all of my life …

Functional, comfortable and concealing!

This bralette has been a lifesaver! Finally found a bra that gives me the confidence to wear t shirts and dresses without pasties!

My daily essential for all things!

Jessica Anderson
Best casual bra

I live in the Eli Bralette so I just ordered two more. I am a very small A cup and nothing I have ever owned is as comfortable!

Rachel Townsend

I love these bras!! I ordered two and they fit perfectly, were extremely comfortable, and go under everything!

Nancy Amirzafari

Very happy w/ my purchase. Going to order a few more in neutral colors!

Kristin Ripper

Love the Eli bralette. Fits perfect. Soft and comfortable.

Linnea Duckworth
Discloses the nips but coverage is lacking

The material is lovely, and I appreciate that it covers up the headlights, but I ordered based on my measurements (there aren't really guides based on bra size) and my breasts are exposed almost to a comic level. I'm a size 32DD, so this is my cross to bear. I'm keeping it to wear under t-shirts around the house but in no way will I wear it out, as I feel the risk of rogue-boob is too high.

Hi Linnea! Thank you for taking the time to write a review! If scrolling down from our size chart, you'll find corresponding bra sizes in relation to the Elli Bralette sizing. The chart can be confusing so we're revamping it in tandem with our summer restock.

You ordered a size M for - too small for lovely 32DDs. No wonder you're worried about rogue-boob! Size L is the size for you and I've sent you an email to get an exchange in motion. Customer experience is our #1 priority and trying the L Elli Bralette will hopefully elevate your experience from 3 to 5 stars!

Katy B
Best bra ever for implants

Best bra ever for implants! I want one in every color!

Laurie Bower
Super comfy

This bralette is definitely comfortable, although I am wondering if I should have ordered a large, as it is rather snug around my rib cage. A friend of mine, who has several ND bralettes, however, has advised me that it will stretch a little and be more comfortable after a couple of wearings. The praline looks great under a white t-shirt, which I am thrilled about. The service regarding this prouct is absolutely stellar and incredibly personalized. Becky really gives it her all and it shows! Definitely recommend this product.

Thanks for the pics Laurie! Sending a L bralette for you to try today!
Edit: Laurie - I got your note - so glad the L bralette fits better!

Stacey Schaedler


Mimi Sidwell
Fantastic customer service and excellent product!

I contacted Becky with a question on size/color, and she immediately responded that she would send me one of each size to try. The bralettes arrived beautifully packaged with a handwritten personal note, very impressive. A return label for the one that didn't fit was included, and the one that did fit, fits perfectly. I can't wait to start using it with my light colored shirts and t-shirts that until now were too see-through. Her attention to customer service is indeed impressive, and the quality of the bralette is outstanding!
Edit: I have now worn it all morning, I think...!! I don't even realize I have it on, I have to stop and go "yeah, that's right, I have the bralette on!". I simply do not feel I am wearing anything under my t-shirt. It is truly amazingly soft. I also did the ultimate test with a thin white t-shirt, and nothing shows. What else can I say!! I love it! Second Edit 4 days later: Wore the bralette on a camping trip with the horses, and not once did it rub or make me feel like taking it off. We had some fun taking this picture!

Love this!

Super happy to have come across this bra. I recently got a BA, but was having trouble finding comfortable bras that also conceal. I literally googled that and this came up. The material is soft, comfortable, and very high quality. The packaging was super cute and there was even a personalized note. I'm 5'2, 120 pounds and went from a 32B to a 34C/34D. Size large was better than the medium, highly recommend especially for BA girls. Will definitely be buying more when new colors come out this summer. Owner personally responded to me both on email and Instagram and was SO nice and responsive when I had requested an exchange for a larger size.

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