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Liz C.
Great for nipple rings

I've been wearing the Storm (gray) and Azalea (beautiful pink) Classic for over 6 months now, and love them! I've had pierced nipples (rings with a ball) for 15 years and always had to wear padded or thick underwire bras to conceal them under a shirt... until this bralette. And Becky provides excellent customer service. I'm buying more now!
A few tips/lessons learned: 1) initially, the bras were tight in the straps and chest band, but they relaxed with a few wears. 2) the bralette is not straitjacket-tight (thank goodness), so the petals can sometimes migrate off the nipples and need readjustment (not a big deal). 3) after a hot & sweaty summer, the Storm (gray) fabric became faded/discolored/brownish at the chest band in front- still perfectly functional, a little less pretty. The Azalea fabric color is holding up well. 4) Storm and Azalea colors do show through lightweight/light-colored shirts.
I can't wait for the racerback option in size M, and for Beach to be in back in stock =)

Amanda Kerins

Love the color, Very comfy!

Lucy B
Amazingly modest comfortable bra

Without hesitation, I fully recommend this bralette. The internal concealer pad is amazing, and the fabric is so comfortable. I bought one, and after my young daughter wore her first bralette for just a day, I ordered two more. She feels confident and prefers to wear it 24/7 because it's cozy. No harsh elastic bands like we used to have in training bras. Definitely worth the price, and the personal handwritten note from Becky in each package...really special. Will continue supporting this small business. Becky's decision to create this is such a gift for our preteen daughters. I am grateful.

Cynthia Spear
Fab First Time Bra!

My daughter was nervous about her first bra and really just wanted it to cover — not for support! Becky’s product couldn’t have put her more at ease. Thank you, Becky, for taking the time to create such a wonderful product — and the wrapping and personalized note just made it actually fun, memorable and exciting for her! 🤩 Stellar product and customer service!!

Super comfortable fit!

The fabric is super soft, comfortable and provides great support! I’m excited to include this bralette as part of my weekly rotation.

Emily Cummings
The perfect bralette for both myself and my daughter!

I was so excited to get my Elli Bralette. I have a 13 year old daughter who is so uncomfortable discussing anything bra related. The Elli Bralette has made this so much easier in my home. My daughter feels comfortable and confident as her body changes. I loved the ease of them I got a few for myself too...they are so easy to sleep in and transition to an early morning at the gym! Thank for these! I highly highly highly recommend!

Christine Verikas
My favorite bra!

I have a drawer full of bras and the Ellie bra in Praline is the one I wear the most. It's comfortable, supportive, doesn't cut in anywhere, and makes my 48 year old 34D boobs look great! Thank you!♥️Christine

Laura River
Perfect and comfortable

I placed an order a few months ago and was so pleased with the comfort of the bralette. For my job though, I discovered that it would ride up and was not covering me well. I chatted with Becky, and she suggested I go up a size and give that a try. Worked out perfectly!! I use the larger size for work and the smaller size for regular days/when I dress up. I would definitely recommend having a couple different sizes depending on the time of month/what you might be doing that day. I'm still very pleased that this bralette does not cause me back pain like other bras I have worn in the past.

Amy Westerman

I love this bra! I wore it with my work clothes and in workouts and barely knew it was on! I will be ordering so many more

Alston Hayes

Love it

Amy DeBevoise
Just As I Hoped

I took a chance on NDA after searching far and wide for a comfy bra that provided coverage for my nipples. This bra is well-made, comfortable, and does the job. The personalized note and beautiful packaging was a sweet surprise.

cindi montgomery

I love it !!! Very comfortable and I like that there is not a racerback style option.


I’m pleasantly surprised with the comfort and support from this bra! I’ve tried hundreds of different types but my biggest pet peeve are removable bra pads that NEVER stay in place! This bra wins because you have coverage in place over the most important part and no movement!! YAY!! I’m ready to buy another one!! GREAT product that does exactly what it says it does!! Size reference- I’m a 36C and ordered a large

Thank you for referencing your size - so helpful to all!! Yes, 36C (and sister size 34D) is the sweet spot for our Large size. You're right, not only do removable pads create unnecessary bulk and distort the size of our breasts, they NEVER stay in place! This is why the Elli Bralette's concealing petals are permanently sealed inside the cups - they'll never shift and you won't have to wrestle with them! We're so glad the Elli works for you and thank you for your second order!

Kind of shocked

I bought this bra because I refuse to wear a bra with underwire but I'm starting a new job and didn't want my nipples to be poking out at everyone. I'm a size 36D and I bought a size large knowing that it only goes up to a size 34D/36C but just kind of hoped by some miracle it would work for me. Obviously my main concern was that it was going to feel really tight because it is not made for my size BUT I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't tight at all. Super comfortable just as everyone else said! My boobs are a bit too big for it right now so it doesn't exactly stay up over my boobs the way I want it to (especially when it gets close to my time of the month) but I don't blame the bra for it since it's not for my size! My size/weight fluctuates so I'm super excited to wear this when I'm a bit lighter. It really did cover my nipples, was surprising comfortable and exceeded my expectations overall. Would definitely buy more if my boobs shrink or if a larger size is developed.

Michele Bernhard
Nipple pads in wrong place

I really wanted to like this bra, but the nipple pads end up in the wrong place, which means they don't actually cover my nipples. In addition, the nipple pads are a bit hard, which makes the shape of them stand out a bit too much in the bra.

Hi Michele! Sounds like the Elli did not work for you - so sorry you were disappointed! The concealing petals are centered in each cup and the polyester circle, the smallest, most rigid (yet flexible) layer of petal, is 1.5 inches in diameter to capture most nipple locations. As the bra is soft and stretchy, it moves with you and sometimes you have to adjust the cup to center the petal on the nipple. Again, we're super bummed that you're bummed and will happily assist you with a return/refund. We've sent you an email to help facilitate this.

Most comfortable bra!

I have implants and this is by far the best most comfortable bra. I own name brand bras with no undewire and they are supportive but the fit I could just never find the right size that felt right. I also have other bralettes and they get itching they look funny under shirts with the lace or just the design. This bra is so comfortable I don't even feel it. I don't want to take it off it's so soft and just fits right to you. I will be ordering more and these will be replacing all my other bras.

Hi Tabitha! Yay, so glad to read this! It's great for implants because it's supportive, yet not too much to sacrifice comfort. The soft nylon is key and stretches with you so it helps with fit. Also, the ribbed detailing is responsible for it feeling more like a gentle hug and you certainly wouldn't be the first customer to sleep in it! Thank you for submitting this amazing review!

Ellie Bralette

Finally I have found my favorite bra! Super comfy, great coverage for the nips and did I say super comfy!! Goodbye traditional bras!

Wow! Thank you, Tavia! When you know, you know, right?

NYT Wirecutter just posted a 'most comfortable bras' article, recommending (traditional looking, to me at least) bras from big dogs like Bali, Haynes, Third Love, etc. This kind of 'best of' article ranks higher in online searches. It's hard to cut through the noise when all you want is a comfortable bra to wear so thank you for deciding to take the chance on us! Poor ol' traditional bras - sorry, not sorry, I guess.

Great bra

Finally found what I was looking for. It’s hard to find a bralette for small chested girlies with concealing coverage that isn’t an annoying removable pad. These are built into the bra and do the trick! I’d love to see this technology in other styles of bralettes so we can build out a whole collection!

Natasha Groesse
Wonderful bralette for young adolescent!

I get these for my 9-1/2 year old daughter, who has hit puberty early! We have 5 of these bralettes!! They are the best and only ones she will wear. She loves that they are comfy and don’t have padding that slides around and make her look bigger than she is. And the owner of this company is absolutely AMAZING! She always answers any questions I have and stands by her product. I highly recommend supporting her business. You won’t be sorry!!

Absolutely Life Changing!

I have now been wearing my Elli bralettes for several weeks. They are comfy, a great fit, and give a nice silhouette (without unnecessary bulk!). But the confidence I have gained knowing that I can be 100% certain that no one can see my nipples through my shirt has been truly life changing! With this bralette I have been able to wear shirts that I have never been able to wear without tank tops and padded bras, including thin white tshirts, including during chilly mornings, and the Elli bralette conceals my nipples completely.

Customer service is also top notch! Becky was extremely helpful throughout my ordering process.

Thank you for developing this amazing product!

Happy Customer


Sandra Moorehead

So happy with this most comfortable bralette. Have been waiting for someone to make one that provides nipple coverage without bulk! This one fits the bill---Thank you!

Mia Tubbiolo
SO comfy

I’ve never really noticed my nipples poking through but these bras are SO comfy! I can’t go back to other bralettes!


These are the best bras! I am a mother of 3 who has always struggled to find a comfortable bra that doesn’t feel intrusive, doesn’t have a noticeable bra line and that does hide the nipples. This is it! Complete perfection. I have one in three colors and am so grateful to have discovered NDA!

Big smiles at NDA this morning! It's so wonderful to read this, thank you. For years, I sat on the idea for this bralette, not knowing where or how to start. When I finally took the first step towards developing a concealing bralette, the one thing that kept me charging ahead, through years of trial, error, naysayers and uncertainty, was the gut feeling that other women wanted the same thing: a comfy, non-padded bra that hides their nips! You are one of these women and I am grateful to you for sharing it! Becky

Done with other bras

I’ve replaced all other bras with these. Obviously, they won’t work for everyone, but for those of us in the target market they are by far the most comfortable bra available.

Thank you for taking the time to write this amazing review! It's the only bra so many of us wear now and weI appreciate you mentioning this. One of our customers actually said she feels sorry for her 'other' bras after discovering the Elli Bralette! :)

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