Feel Confident and Carefree in Your Clothing

Bralettes Specifically Designed for Concealing

Fed Up By Your Bralette Choices?

All you want is a comfortable bralette that properly conceals your business.  Is that too much for a girl to ask?

You've searched speciality stores, big-box department stores and boutiques and you're frustrated that you end up settling for a bralette with bulky, removable padding that gets bunched up and lost in the wash.

Guess what?  We've got good news.


You should wear a bralette with whatever you want and not have to worry about whether your nips are showing, right?  Right.

Meet Your New Favorite Bralette

Many women love the comfort and style of a bralette, but struggle to find one that is concealing without a lot of bulky padding. At Non Disclosure Apparel, our non-padded bralettes have a permanent, concealing petal built into each cup so you never have to worry about your nips showing through your clothing.

Seriously. Check it off your list.

100% Concealing

Each cup has built-in, concealing “petal” protection for a perfectly smooth look. 

Unmatched Comfort

The Elli Bralette is so soft, so stretchy, you'll forget you're wearing it in the first place.  Our customers sleep in it!

Get Dressed, Roll Out

Eliminate the time spent on deciding which bra to wear. Pull it over your head and wear whatever you want!    

Perfect for Tweens

Solves insecurities about developing breasts.  Yours and hers. This is the "first bra" you've been searching for. 

Women and Girls Are Feeling Confident and Carefree


The Elli Bralette and The Elli Excel

3 Steps to Wearing What You Want
Illustration of woman realizing her nipples are showing under her shirt, she puts on The Elli Concealing Bralette, is satisfied with results and confidently runs a meeting - no nips.

From loungewear to sportswear, our non-padded, butter-soft bralettes are perfect for all ages!

1. Buy an Elli Bralette or Elli Excel

Choose your size and color. Your new favorite bralette(s) will be delivered to your mailbox in a few short days.  Kiss your other bras goodbye. 

2. Wear whatever you want

With a bralette designed specifically for concealing, you can wear even the thinnest T-shirt with confidence.

3. Never worry about your nips showing through your clothing again!

With a patent-pending concealer permanently sealed inside each cup, you can rest assured your business is confidential.  

Ready to stop thinking about your stupid bra?


If The Bra You Want Doesn’t Exist, Make It!

Watch the Brand Story:

Hey, I’m Becky Connelly!

I’ve been self conscious about my nipples showing through anything since I was 11 years old. I tried all the tricks to keep them hidden -- Band-Aids, medical tape, folded-up tissue squares, bathing suit pads, silicone pasties, padded and molded cup bras, you name it. Exasperated from all of that madness, I knew there had to be a better solution.

After six years of experimenting with designs, fabrics and styles, I created a seamless bralette with a discreet, flexible, concealing petal built into each cup. The round concealer is permanent, so no need to worry about it getting misshapen or lost in the wash.

Finally, I feel comfotable and confident in my clothing and want the same for you.  

Read full story here...

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Best Bra for Tween Girls

OK, Moms (and Dads), is your tween developing breast buds? She may be unaware of how her developing breasts are poking through her shirt or she’s feeling self-conscious and resorting to baggy sweatshirts to cover her latest developments. 

If you’ve gone searching for training bras or junior bras, you’ve realized the options are woefully inadequate. Until now! The Elli Bralette is the perfect bra for tweens and teens. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and, most importantly, concealing. Your daughter will be able to wear her favorite shirts with confidence.