Feel Confident and Carefree in Your Clothing

Bralettes Designed to Conceal Your Nipples


No more bulky, removable pads that get lost in the wash. We've got the solution.

Many women love the comfort and style of a bralette, but struggle to find one that conceals their nipples without a lot of bulky padding. At Non Disclosure Apparel, our non-padded bralettes have a permanent, concealing petal built into each cup so you never have to worry about your nipples showing through your clothing again.


100% Nipple Concealing

No Nipple Show.  Each cup has built-in, concealing “petal” protection for a perfectly smooth look. 

Unmatched Comfort

The Elli Bralette is so soft, so stretchy, you'll forget you're wearing it in the first place.  Our customers sleep in it!

Get Dressed, Roll Out

Eliminate the time spent on deciding which bra to wear. Pull it over your head and wear whatever you want!    

Perfect for Tweens

Solves insecurities about developing breasts.  Yours and hers. This is the "first bra" you've been searching for. 

What our customers are saying...


The Eli Bralette

Women and Girls Like You - Feeling Confident and Carefree 

Best Bra for Tween Girls

If you have a tween daughter, you may have searched for best "first bra", “junior bra”, or “training bra” online. We're guessing, you’re not seeking a bra for your tween daughter because she’s in need of additional support. It's probably because she’s starting to develop and her breasts buds are poking through her shirt...

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