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Moisture Wicking Bralettes

Moisture Wicking Bras - Non Disclosure Apparel - 3 girls in The Elli Bralette

Beat the boob sweat in your Elli Bralette

When the air feels as dense as water (hello, Charleston humidity!), a heavy cotton or lace-y bralette won’t cut it. Despite being known for its breathability, cotton absorbs and retains moisture, while sweating through lace is just…sweaty. Add in any type of padding and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. We hear stories like Katie’s all the time:

Moister Wicking Bralettes - Non Disclosure Apparel - customer review

The reason your padded bras feel hot is because they use a polyurethane foam padding. In other words - plastic. They’re not designed to breathe, so they retain your body heat and, consequently, your sweat.

The fabric content of your bralette is the difference between staying cool and sweating more than an iced tea in the summer sun. But how do you know what to look for?

Materials Matter: What Makes a Moisture Wicking Bralette

Moisture Wicking Bras - Non Disclosure Apparel - Girl in The Elli Bralette
The fabric content of your bralette is generally found on the tag where the wash instructions are or, if your bralette has an ironed-on label, right underneath the logo and size. The Elli Bralette is made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. Why is this important?


Breathability is literally “the degree to which a fabric permits air and moisture to pass through it.” Cotton, known for being one of the most breathable fabrics, has one caveat: an abundance of moisture is its kryptonite.

Nylon, on the other hand, is a pro at moisture wicking. It’s designed to allow moisture to evaporate quickly, which cools the temperature of your skin. It’s a material that works for you, not against you.

Moisture Wicking Bras - Non Disclosure Apparel - Girl in The Elli Bralette


Wouldn’t it be nice if your bralette stayed put and didn’t need adjusting throughout the day? This is where that 8% of spandex comes into play, creating a bralette that moves with you and stays where you want it. Spandex also helps your Elli bralette keep its shape no matter how many times you wear it. Just beware of the dryer – the heat will break down the material at a faster rate than general wear.


Synthetic materials have come a long way. Several decades ago, they were scratchy and undesirable, a far cry from the comforts of natural materials like cotton. Now, nylon fabrics are described as buttery with a smooth hand. They feel good and cool against your skin, unlike the early versions our parents and grandparents knew.

Feeling Cool, Confident & Comfortable

Moisture Wicking Bras - Non Disclosure Apparel - Girl in The Elli Bralette

Google ‘moisture wicking bralette’ and you’ll find at least half a dozen listicles that are really paid advertisements and affiliate links. They’re not solutions, and they definitely don’t address the real issue women have when looking for the right bralette. Out of all the Buzzfeed lists of ‘lightweight bras for sweaty girls’, ¾ of the recommendations are padded, matronly, or a sports bra disguised as a bralette, and they all lack proper nipple concealment.

We can’t say this enough: padding is not concealment. It’s a hot, non-breathable textile that’s Uncomfortable to wear.

Why settle for boob sweat when you can beat the heat in a seamless, foam free, whisper thin bralette that also hides your nips? Moisture wicking bralettes are a must have this time of year. The Elli bralette is as cool as a sea breeze - see for yourself.

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