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More Reasons Why The Elli Bralette is Great For Tweens!

The Best Bra for Tweens

What is the best bra for a tween girl?

If you have a tween daughter, you may have already searched for this, or best “junior bra”, or “training bra” online. Most likely the reason you’re seeking a first bra for your tween daughter is not because she’s in need of additional support. It’s likely because she’s starting to develop and her breasts buds are poking through her shirt.

In some cases, especially if you’re a mom who has experienced it yourself, you’re the first to notice her puffy little breast buds. In other cases, she may surprise you by asking for her first bra. If she’s the one initiating the subject, usually it’s either because her friends are wearing bras or she’s self conscious about her “boobies” showing through, well…anything.

Allow me to save you some time here. If coverage is what you’re looking for, a bra to smooth the appearance of her budding breasts, to 100% smooth and conceal the plump, mini-mounds under her shirt, The Elli Bralette is the one. Not only is it THE one, it’s the ONLY one she will need. If she’s anything like my daughter, she’ll want to wear it with everything, to everything, for everything: play, school, sports, dance, lounge, sleep, you name it.

The Best Bra for Tweens

Speaking of my daughter, let's use her in an example of how well this concealing petals bra works.  Like most girls her age, she mostly wears lightweight, athletic tops and t-shirts. While comfy, airy and lest we forget, on trend, the thin fabric thereof is pretty unforgiving in the bumps and lumps department. With a built-in concealer in each cup, The Elli Bralette hides her raised nipples, ahem, I mean 'bee stings', smoothing any and all texture or poke-through. When wearing it, she’s comfortable, she’s confident, and for this mom -  I'll chalk that up as a total win!

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