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Finding the Best Bralette for Tweens - Online Shopping Edition

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What Is the Best Bra for A Tween Girl Between Ages 10 – 12?

This is a good one, yall!  We're laying down some helpful tips for beginner bra shopping online and finding the best bra for tweens.

First bras are complicated – especially when you’re bra shopping online. The sizing rules are unknown, the materials are hit or miss, and the disbelief that your little girl is growing up so fast makes it all the more difficult. 

Add in the fact that if you’re not trying to figure out what to buy, you’re trying to figure out what she’ll like and shopping online becomes more complicated. Colors, no colors, straps that don’t look like bra straps, bras that don’t show under her shirt because God forbid anyone knows she’s wearing a bra - they’re all the same reactions you had when getting used to your own first bra. Only now, you’re a mom. And figuring out how to best help your daughter isn’t always as easy as you want. 

At NDA, we get it. This is why, whether you’re just starting your search for the best preteen bra or have tried and failed with a few already, we’ve got the resources to help you find a bra your preteen girl will love. 

It’s Her First Bra; What Size Do I Get? 

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Training bra sizing is SO different from what we’re used to as women – partly because most preteen girls looking for their first bra haven’t necessarily developed breasts. Most often, at age 10, 11 or 12, they want one because their friends are talking about it or because they’re self-conscious about their breast buds showing through their shirts. But without a cup size to measure, how do you guess the correct bra sizing? 

Some training bra sizes correlate with youth clothing sizes. Other size charts, like like our size chart, are organized by over bust and under bust measurements. If you really want to learn her cup size, it’s easy to find an online training bra calculator like this one.

How Do I Measure for A Training Bra?  

You’ll need two measurements to start:

  • One measurement taken around her ribs, where the band of a bra would sit (underbust)
  • One measurement taken around her torso, at the level of her nipples (overbust) 

With these two measurements, you’ll be able to find her corresponding bra size on any first bra size chart. Keep in mind that not all starter bra sizing is created equal. Each size chart is specific to the online bra company you wish to purchase from, so it’s important to reference their particular sizing guide.    

Do Young Girls Need a Sports Bra or Bralette? 

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In theory, a sports bra should be fine to double as a training bra, right? 

Not quite. Sports bras are often designed with foam padding inserts or more compression than a preteen needs. BUT a sports bra is often less intimidating than a ‘training bra’. So what do you do? 

If your daughter prefers the familiarity or isn’t ready to wear her first bra, look for sports bras that are not tight, with soft fabric ideally made of a nylon/spandex blend. But if she needs additional coverage or a more versatile option to wear underneath tanks, it’s time to look for a bralette. 

Which Training Bras Have the Best Coverage? 

A common misconception is that a bralette with sewn in padding will provide the best coverage, right? Especially since removable foam padding rarely stays in place and definitely gets lost in the wash. The thing is, bralettes with sewn in padding don’t generally promote an age appropriate breast shape. They’re bulky and create additional volume that your 10, 11 or 12 year old girl doesn’t need and most likely doesn’t want.  

The best training bra makes things simple, providing comfort and coverage. For instance, the Elli Bralette. With permanently placed nipple concealing petals, it provides non-padded, worry free coverage that stays in place. Each petal is whisper thin, creating no extra bulk. They’re designed to lay smooth under any tank or tee, concealing her puffy nipples.  

What’s the Best Bra for Tweens with Sensory Issues? 

Bras, in and of themselves, are weird to get used to. For a neuro-typical girl, they already feel restrictive and tight. But if your daughter has sensory issues, finding the best training bra becomes even more important.

Why Is the Elli Bralette the Most Comfortable Junior Bra? 

To start, the Elli Bralette feels like a training bra camisole - but better because it is completely seamless. The buttery soft material is stretchy and feels like a hug without the tightness of compression.

Our nipple concealing petals are flexible, whisper thin and, unlike foam inserts or sewn in padding, they’re heat sealed in place. Even better, there are no tags or back clasps to irritate the skin. 

Are Bralettes for Sleeping? 

tween girl sleeping in bed - finding the best bra for your tween

Because the Elli Bralette is soft, stretchy and seamless, many Elli girls do actually sleep in their bralettes. We’ve even heard they often forget they have it on in the first place, and this speaks volumes about the bra’s extreme level of comfort. While sleeping in a bralette is unnecessary, the Elli Bralette is that comfortable and a perfect option for all girls. 

Final Verdict: Bra or Bralette? 

Bralettes are having a fashion moment, and it’s not just because they’re cute. Women are tired of uncomfortable bras, and girls – especially young girls – deserve to have a comfortable first bra that they feel good about wearing. The Elli Bralette is the bralette they’ll be able to grow into and grow with, from their preteen years all the way into college and beyond. Don’t just take our word for it -to see for yourself, shop the Elli Bralette here.

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