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Our Guide to Bra Shopping for Teens

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What Is the Best Bra for A Teenage Girl (13 – 15)?

So you survived finding her first training bra – but now she needs a 'real bra'. What do you do? The first step is usually: Google it. Which if you do (like we did), you'll find a slew of blogs with titles like '14 bras your teenager NEEDS!'. Even we've got to admit; we also wanted to know what was on the list. What kind of bras are teens wearing these days?? Moms, we've got you - Our guide to bra shopping for teens!

As we scrolled down the list, we noticed two things:

  • Bralettes were on nearly every list
  • Most of the listed options were actually very age appropriate

This came as a pleasant surprise after so many years of seeing bras that were too mature for the 13 and 15 year olds they were directly being marketed to.

Which Bras Are Popular with Teens and Why?

girl looking out of window  - guide to bra shopping for teens

While reading through this Seventeen Magazine list, we noticed a few recurring themes: wire-free, comfortable, and bralettes. Several were seamless, and the list overall was more focused on support and comfort rather than the lingerie-inspired how does this look narrative.

Being an online bra company, we could be happier to see a list like this! Finally, girls are being encouraged to find what's comfortable, not what's sexy. This is the narrative we've always wanted, especially for our teen girls.

So, what is the best teen bra brand? Our focus has always been on creating an ultra-comfortable and fully functional bralette, like leggings for your boobs, with just enough support to go from classroom to after school practice to lounging at home. As a small company (with an even smaller marketing budget), the Elli Bralette is not on Seventeen's listbut she can hold her own with even the best of her competitors' thanks to one differentiating factor: our patented, whisper thin nipple concealing petals.

Yes, okay, we're biased toward the Elli BraletteBut if teens are actively searching for comfortable, breathable fabrics that are super soft and don't hold sweat – PLUS thin, trendy straps and the option for fun colors – we have all the bases covered.

How to Survive Bra Shopping with Your Teen

As much as we love the Elli Bralette and moms love the Elli Bralette, bra shopping with your teen still isn't easy. So what's a mom to do?

Embrace Online Bra Shopping

mom and daughter online shopping

Even as a grown woman, there is something so weird about having a stranger wrap a tape measure around your boobs in the back of a Victoria's Secret to help you find the right size. Don't get us started on the overwhelming pile of 10 different bras you're then handed to try on.

Thanks to online bra shopping, your teen girl doesn't have to experience any of that. With size charts available and bra calculators just one Google search away, you can make a close guess of what size you might need and then let her try them on in the comfort of her home. No one needs fluorescent lighting added to an already complex scenario.

Make the Experience Fun by Letting Her Interests Drive the Options

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Does she play sports? Is she into fun, trendy clothes? Does she hate the feeling of scratchy tags and seams? Soothing her concerns while enticing her with things she's already interested in can make the conversation a whole lot easier.

If your daughter has sensory issues or just hates the idea of restrictive clothing, gift her a bralette that is seamless, clasp free and wire free so she can see how comfortable bralettes can be.

For the trendy girl, pick bright pops of color that can accent an off-the-shoulder top. If she's into sports, find a bralette that can easily go from class to practice without needing to change.

Finding the best bra brand isn't about the bra itself but what makes it the best for your girl. The Elli Bralette was designed to support her – her needs, her comforts, her growth. For a soft, comfortable bra for your teen, shop the Elli Bralette online today.

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