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Best Bras to Wear After Breast Augmentation

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Why Seamless and Wire Free Bras Are the Best Bras to Wear After Breast Augmentation

New boobs, new look, and now - new bras. So, which bras are the best to wear after your breast augmentation? We're here to keep you abreast of the situation 😏 and answer all your questions!

Back to new boobs, new look, new bras. They come in three phases and the first two are neatly outlined for you:

Phase 1: you were prepared by the doctor to wear the unsightly but necessary surgical bra they sent you home with.

Phase 2: you were instructed to wear compression bras while you healed.

So what’s Phase 3? Now that you’re healed, your old bras definitely won’t cut it and you just want something that’s pretty and cute and shows off your new girls. Only no one tells you much about OR how to navigate Phase 3. Make it up as you go.

That just doesn’t sit right with us. 

There’s a reason you sought out the best plastic surgeon, underwent anesthesia and endured the resulting recovery, and it sure wasn’t so you could be even more stumped on what bra to wear. Or if you even need to wear a bra. Or why, all of a sudden, your nipples seem to be announcing their presence all.the.time.

We’ve heard from countless Elli Bralette fans that they had a journey finding the right bra for them post-breast enhancement, and after reading some of the ‘resources’ out there, it’s no wonder! So, instead of giving you a list of options, we figured let’s start with a good ol’ fashion pros and cons list.

To Bra or No Bra After a Breast Augmentation

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That’s the question as of late. Out of the countless so-called resources that list ideas of options you have post-recovery, none really dive into the details. So, to get you started, here is our pros and cons of wearing a bra once you’ve fully healed post breast augmentation (BA) surgery.

The Pros of Wearing a Bra

  • Familiarity. After needing to wear a bra for your entire adult life, not wearing one might feel too vulnerable in a way, even though you don’t need the same support from your bra anymore.
  • Comfort. Let’s be honest – just because you don’t need to doesn’t change the fact that you might want to, especially if you’ve got perky or suddenly overactive nips that seem to have a mind of their own. This brings us to our third point…
  • Coverage & Concealment It is SO common for women to experience overactive nipples after a breast augmentation. And the last thing you want to deal with post-surgery and post recovery is having to try some wackadoodle DIY method to conceal your nips from the world. Wearing the right bra can help you conceal newly perky nips without bringing additional discomfort.

The Cons of Wearing a Bra

  • If you’re wearing a bra purely for nipple coverage, the most popular [re: frequently marketed] options are foam padded or molded cups that offer a ‘no show look’ – but foam padding only provides coverage, not concealment. Not to mention, it’s hot as sh*t to wear.
  • Underwired bras are likely to be even less comfortable than before.
  • The purpose of your bra wearing has changed significantly. You no longer need the support provided by most bras, but you still want to look sexy and feel like yourself while being comfortable. Finding the holy grail of post-op bras is hard, so why bother when you technically don’t need one? 

The argument is strong for both sides, but the one winning factor for us is the need for nipple concealment.

What Type of Bra to Wear After Breast Augmentation?

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Now that we’ve weighed the pros and cons, what are the options? To our knowledge, there are three main types of bras that most doctors and post-op resources will direct you to.

The Post-Op But Still Padded Bra

T-shirt and contour bras are among the most highly recommended bras post BA. Reason being? They’re widely accepted as providing nipple coverage due to the foam padding or molded cups. However, nipple coverage does not equal nipple concealment. And while contour and plunge bras do have a shorter underwire, making them slightly more comfortable, you’re still wearing a foam padded bra when you might not even want additional volume now that you’ve had a BA.  

The Stretchy Bra with Removable Cups

Underwire-free (usually), foam padding optional, are more comfortable than t-shirt and contour bras. Big name brands often sell them in packs of three, which makes having options more affordable as well. But the fabric is thin, and even with the removable padding, your perky or overactive nips might show through.

The Bralette

Bralettes are most often wireless, lightly lined or unlined, and provide very little support, which works great with your new boobs! They’re cute and trendy and can be layered with low cut tops or dresses, or even worn as tops. But their lack of lining and padding means that overactive nips will definitely shine through.

So what’s a girl to do?

Why the Elli Bralette Is the Best Bralette for Breast Implants

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In theory, you don’t need the support of a bra post BA. You definitely don’t need the shaping provided by underwires. But what you do need is a comfortable bra that feels snug, without compression, that keeps your nips under wraps so you can enjoy showing off your new girls.

The Elli Bralette is that bra.

Thanks to both the contents of the fabric (Spandex/nylon blend) and the ribbed texture, the Elli Bralette feels like a gentle hug that moves with your body. No more digging bands, no cup overflow or gaping. Just soft, gentle comfort that’s breathable and moisture wicking.

While we love the soft material, it’s the nipple concealing petals that really sets the Elli Bralette apart from other bralettes. These paper-thin petals are completely 100% foam free, flexible, and durable af. They’re designed to provide guaranteed concealment of any nipple and are strong enough even to conceal nipple jewelry. Oh, and each petal is also permanently sealed in place, so you never have to worry about them coming out in the wash.

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Even better, because of the stretchy ribbed material, finding your perfect size is super easy. Start by determining your new bra size (any online bra size calculator will do). Then, find your corresponding size on our size chart to find your most comfortable fit. If you’re in-between sizes, order both to find your best fit. Bonus: Doing so unlocks free shipping, and exchanges/returns are super easy. 

After trying both sizes, many customers often choose to keep both so they can wear the smaller size when they want slightly less breast coverage while still having full nipple concealment and the larger size when they just want to be comfortable and lounge.

Post Breast Augmentation, You Can Have It All

girl drinking coffee in a seamless bralette

There’s no reason you should need to decide between wearing a moderately comfortable bra or no bra. Thanks to the Elli Bralette, you can have your cake and eat it too: a comfy bralette on the days you want one and the freedom to not wear one if you don’t feel like it. 

Whether you’re pre or post-surgery, we’ve made Phase 3 of your BA as easy as possible. Shop the Elli Bralette online and treat yourself to the bralette that women are raving about post BA. 

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