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Why Woman Everywhere Love Seamless Bras

So, What Is a Seamless Bra?

Seamless bras are the leggings of lingerie. They’re lightweight, just snug enough to provide gentle compression without restriction. And so comfortable that you might forget you’re wearing one. But what the hell does seamless mean? And how are seamless bras even made??

You know we had to nerd out just a little bit on this one. After all, the Elli Bralette is a seamless bra! But even we had to do a little digging to find out how the technology came to be.

What Does ‘Seamless Bra’ Mean, and What Is a Seamless Bra Made Of?

front of beige bralette - Why Woman Everywhere Love Seamless Bras
The term seamless bra is actually literal. It’s a bra with absolutely no seams sewn into it. It’s typically wireless without any back clasp, so you can comfortably pull it on overhead. But HOW is it possible to make a completely seamless garment?

It wasn’t until 1984 that seamless garments were even a possibility. Originating in Europe, the first seamless knitting equipment prototype created the opportunity to make tubular garments that were knit as one whole piece. This made them even more comfortable than before while creating less waste than cut-and-sew garments.

Due to the knitting process, most seamless bras are made of a nylon/Spandex blend, and not just for the comfort of the person wearing it. Natural fibers like cotton don’t have a strong elasticity. This makes them less than ideal when creating a seamless garment meant to stretch.

Using fibers like nylon and Spandex, which have a significantly stronger elasticity, creates an even more comfortable seamless garment that can stretch in any direction without losing shape.

Why Are Seamless Bras so Comfortable?

brown bralette bra - Why Woman Everywhere Love Seamless Bras
Seamless bras are designed to move with your body rather than restricting your body. Say goodbye to bands and straps that dig in because they’re too tight. Instead, your seamless bra will become even more comfortable over time as the fabric relaxes the more you wear it.

But there’s one other factor. Since spending most of 2020 indoors (thanks for that, Covid), most of us got very used to going braless. And after more than a year of being comfy all the time, who wants to go back to pokey underwires and bands that dig in? Not us!

Seamless bras have given us a no-bra feel while wearing a bra. They’re so comfortable that wearing one almost feels like cheating, so it’s no wonder they’ve risen in popularity.

Yet, for as many comfort factors as we found in seamless bras, there was one issue we kept running into - unlined seamless bras do absolutely nothing to help conceal nipples.

Nipple Concealing Seamless Bralette

back of seamless bralette - Why Woman Everywhere Love Seamless Bras
The Elli Bralette was designed for simple comfort, which made going seamless a no brainer. Who wants to deal with back clasps, annoying tags and scratchy seams?! Not us.

So we started by designing the perfect nipple concealing petals, over and over and over again, until we arrived at a prototype that actually works. The patented design for the Elli Bralette is quite literally designed around our nipple concealing petals. We knew if we could get that right, everything else would fall into place.

Thanks to seamless knitting technology, we were able to create a multi-functional, seamless bralette that delivers more than just comfort. Shop the Elli Bralette to see for yourself.

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