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6 Reasons Why the Eli Bralette Is the Perfect Sports Bra for Teens

If you thought bra shopping for your tween girl was hard enough, finding the best sports bra for teens adds a new dimension of difficulty. Most are either too much – compression, underwires, foam padding, etc. – or they do nothing at all for coverage. The Elli Bralette is the best sports bra for tweens and teens because it's the multipurpose bralette that can take your girl from class to practice with zero discomfort.

So, Why Is the Elli the Best Sports Bra for Your Teen?

Moisture Wicking Material Doesn't Retain Odors

teen girls playing volleyball - The Best Sports Bra For Your Teen
The Elli Bralette is made of a ribbed Nylon/Spandex blend that's buttery soft and super breathable. Say goodbye to damp sports bras and boob sweat patches. The Elli wicks away moisture and no matter how intense her workout, match or practice is, it will not retain any old sweat smells after washing.

Stays in Place No Matter What Sport

teen in pool smiling at camera

One thing we LOVE about our ribbed fabric is that after the first few wears, it really does form to your shape. Provided she's wearing the right size, the band will not roll.

The straps don't dig and always stay in place. And there's no need to tug at or adjust anything. The Elli Bralette is the sports bralette that lets her focus on her game, knowing she's fully covered.

Speaking Of Let's Talk Coverage and Nipple Concealment

girl about to start a track meet - The Best Sports Bra For Your Teen

The Elli Bralette provides full coverage with ZERO padding; so whether your teen girl is just developing or is beginning to outgrow her training bras, she can comfortably and confidently wear her Elli Bralette to practice.

And thanks to our nipple concealing petals that provide guaranteed concealment, her sports jersey will lay smooth with no sign of nips or breast buds, even during winter sports.

Light Compression That's Perfect for Small Busts

young girl with a tennis racket
These aren't your mother's sports bras. There's no padding, clasps, zippers, or straps that dig. The Elli Bralette's ribbed material provides gentle compression that feels more like a hug. It's the perfect amount of compression for developing girls and up to a 32C cup. That sounds pretty great to us!

Nude Colors that Blend with Any Uniform

soccor team of teen girls - The Best Sports Bra For Your Teen
The Elli Bralette Junior line is available in Beach (light tan), Jetty (black) and our newest shade, Lilac (a pale lavender). Whether it's a home or away match, your teen can have a comfortable sports bra that feels good to wear.

Comfortably Wear All Day - From School To Practice

teenage girls huddling before a basketball game

We aren't kidding when we say that the Elli Bralette is so comfortable that customers have told us they even sleep in theirs. This is the bralette that can be worn all day during classes and then straight through practice until she gets home with zero discomfort.

Thanks to the foam-free design, soft, breathable fabric, and gentle compression, your teen girl is more likely to forget she's even wearing her Elli. It's that good and one of the many reasons why our bralettes make perfect sports bras for teens.

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