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The Perfect First Bra for Your Preteen

If your daughter is 9 – 12 years old, it's only a matter of time before the first bra conversation comes up. We're here to help make that conversation a little bit easier for both of you with the perfect first bra solution.

What Type of Bra Should Your Preteen Wear?

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Comfort is key. We don't know about you, but getting used to our first bras was so not fun. Back clasps that we couldn't clasp without practice, jabby underwires, restrictive bands – as if puberty wasn't enough to deal with.

The ideal first bra for tween girls allows them to move, breathe and feel comfortable as they transition into a new phase of life. We're talking no padding, no underwire, and please, for the love of God, NO lace. They're already growing up fast enough.

Why the Elli Bralette Is the Best First Bra for Tweens

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This is the bralette that feels like a camisole. Made of a ribbed Nylon/Spandex blend, it's buttery soft with gentle compression. The straps are also thin like a camisole, so if your tween is feeling self-conscious about needing a bra, no one will even know she's wearing one.

There's no back clasp, so the Elli will lay smooth under any tank or tee. And for maximum comfort, it's also completely foam free (as in NO sewn-in padding), wire free and seamless.

But the best part of the Elli Bralette is an added layer of confidence you won't find anywhere else: our nipple concealing petals. If your tween is in the breast bud developing phase, the nipple concealing petals will smooth their appearance so she can feel comfortable and confident even as her body develops.

Each petal is permanently sealed in place, so she never has to worry about adjusting them and you'll never need to fish foam triangles out of the laundry again.

When to Stop Wearing a Training Bra?

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But what if your tween is rapidly outgrowing the training bra phase? One of our favorite things about the Elli Bralette is that it comes in a range of junior and adult sizes, so she can continue to wear it throughout her life.

It's more than just a training bra. The Elli Bralette is the comfortable bra she can turn to time and time again, no matter what age she is.

We've received countless reviews from customers about the Elli Bralette being the only bra their teens will wear, but this one might be our favorite:

"My first purchase for my 2 daughters was a while ago. To this day, they continue to wear only these. At age 24 and 30! Don't waste time and money on "training bras", get it right the 1st time!" – Kelly

Our bralette is worn by women in healthcare, female athletes, women who have had breast augmentations or have nipple piercings that they want to conceal (that's how good our nipple concealing petals are).

Because why should being comfortable have an age limit? The Elli bralette is THE bralette that tweens, teens and women continue to turn to.

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Where can you buy the Elli Bralette?Our online bra store is here for you 24/7, with a vast blog library of bra shopping resources and comprehensive size guides. If you have any questions about the Elli Bralette or purchasing your tween's first bra, contact us!

We love chatting with customers and are so happy any time we can help. PLUS if you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, new subscribers get 10% off their first purchase.

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