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Learn All About What's Inside the Elli Bralette 2.0

We're breaking down what's inside the Elli Bralette - our patented nipple concealing bralette.

But First, A Small Rant About Foam Padding
The Elli Bralette is THE anti-foam bralette for more than just one reason. To start, we’re conscious of what we put on our bodies, especially when it comes to sensitive skin. If it’s used to make carpeting (which polyurethane foam/foam padding is), we do not want it against our nipples. Not to mention, foam padding changes your natural shape. And if you’re a member of the IBTC, you know this doesn’t typically work out in our favor.  

But here’s the biggest reason: foam padding isn’t designed to conceal nipples. It was invented to increase breast volume, and due to a lack of better available options, has been used to cover nips.

So then, what’s actually inside the Elli Bralette? And if it’s not foam, HOW does it work to fully conceal, not cover, your active nips? Let’s start with a breakdown of our patented design.

So, What's Inside Our Nipple Concealing Elli Bralette?

Nipple Concealing Petals Are Heat Sealed In Place 


While we LOVE every aspect of the Elli Bralette, the nipple concealing petals are truly our secret weapon, the piece de resistance of this nipple concealing bralette. They’re what makes guaranteed 100% nipple concealment possible. They’re paper thin, completely foam free, and now they’re even better than ever.

With the launch of our Elli Bralette 2.0 (as of September 2023), our nipple concealing petals now have seven layers instead of four – and they’re thinner than ever. It’s a layered combination of nylon, cotton and breathable medical-grade adhesive. Each layer is a tapered disc, with the center layer being the smallest and most rigid while still being completely flexible. Because what’s the point of nipple concealment if you have to deal with a weirdly shaped boob?

To truly top off what’s already the frosting on the cake, we’ve also designed the Elli Bralette so that each nipple concealing petal is permanently heat sealed in place, never sewn in. Along with the ribbed material of the bra, this helps promote a smooth appearance so literally nothing is visible. It’s concealed concealment, if you will, our dream bra, and a fast favorite of anyone who has perky nips that they don’t want to show.

But that’s not all.

Ribbed Nylon/Spandex Blend Fabric Makes it Super Comfy


In addition to nipple concealment, we also wanted to make sure that the Elli Bralette was actually, ya know, comfortable. No scratchy tags or slippy straps and definitely NO gaping cups. Thanks to our ribbed Nylon/Spandex blend fabric, the Elli Bralette fits more like a gentle hug with a seamless design that’s perfect for small busts. It has all of the comfort and none of the extra ick (looking at you, unnecessary padding). This is the bralette that shapes to you for a change. Let’s talk about how.

Seamless garments are made slightly differently from regular cut-and-sew garments. The main difference is the amount of stretch required in the yarn of the fabric. Each Elli Bralette is designed to stretch without losing shape, but remain snug while worn. The bralette itself is knit as one tubular piece with an inner and outer layer. Once each nipple concealing petal is heat sealed in place, the Elli Bralette goes to our sewing department, where they use serger machines to cut the sweetheart neckline and attach the strap elastic (which is also used to finish the neckline because it’s that soft) at the same time.  

Modest, Comfortable Coverage

With the ribbed material, the Elli Bralette actually conforms to your body and gets more comfortable the more you wear it. However, this also means that the sizing runs slightly small. So if you find that your cups or band are a little too tight for your liking, it’s possible that you just need to go one size up.The Elli Bralette is literally our dream bra. It’s the culmination of everything we wished we could find for so many years. No foam, no underwires, no shaping or padding. Just modest, comfortable coverage that feels amazing against your skin. Shop the Elli Bralette 2.0 here.

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