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Bras For The Summer

Why Your Bralette Isn’t Just An Undergarment

Bras For the Summer non disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralettes

With summer weather upon us, we’ve got high temps, boob sweat and a desperate need for lightweight clothing that can breathe. Bras are the first thing to come off and the last we want to put on because most bras are the opposite of light. They’re padded, molded and downright irritating in the heat.

Temps are on the rise, especially here in South Carolina, and the only puffy floatation device I want is the kind that comes with a cup holder, not a jabby underwire.

Bras For the Summer non disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralettes

Bralettes Have Become a Staple Replacement For The Bra

Regardless of your current climate, bralettes are the comfortable, stylish alternative to the historically unappealing bras we all dreaded wearing as tweens: thick straps, boring matronly fabrics, hardware digging into all the wrong places.

It’s no wonder bralettes have been on the rise since 2019. Women are tired of being uncomfortable and tired of investing in bras that only serve one purpose and often do so poorly. The bralette solves nearly every problem we’ve faced in the search for stylish undergarments:

● Comfort, function and style
● Lightweight fabric
● No jabby hardware to dig into your ribs.
● Non-constricting
● Thin, feminine straps
● Can play multiple roles in your wardrobe.

The issue is, you want to look cute and trendy but your nipples are always showing and the solutions to conceal your nipples are the opposite of comfortable. Silicone nipple covers don’t breathe and feel unnatural against your skin (because they are). Not to mention, no one wants to wear them in the summer heat.

Bandaging or taping your nipples feels less than sexy and the adhesive is often irritating. Then there’s the option of layering a bra underneath your bralette, which defeats the purpose of a bralette entirely.

Bras For the Summer non disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralettes

Our Solution: The Whisper Thin Nipple Concealing Bralette

A lack of viable solutions has made wearing the most comfortable padding-free knit bralettes a no-go, until now. We’ve designed our bralettes to have nipple concealing petals built into the center of the cups so you can look cute and not worry about your nipples showing. Hear it from Victoria, a recent customer:

“I have been feverishly looking for a bralette at every department store for the last few months with no luck! I think I am probably banned from some of them b/c I had to return them all each time lol! …I love bralettes and sports bras b/c I never have to worry about straps falling, stretches so you can breathe, the comfort factor, etc. but I can't wear them under certain types of clothing and then there was that nipple situation that I hated when they can be seen under my sweater or t-shirt…your website piqued my interest with all the right keywords, "...non-padded and has whisper thin, strong as hell concealing petals permanently fixed and centered inside each cup..." This was EXACTLY what I was looking for and your videos, website, reviews all convinced me that you truly understood my issue and this would be the bralette for me!

…I want to emphasize that I love that your bralettes don't have extra padding (that you said whisper thin) because that was something else I didn't want. I don't want to look like I have more than what's there, but in the past I settled for the added padding b/c I didn't want my nipples to show! …I thought I was the only person with this issue, but felt relieved that I was not alone. The struggle was truly real and you understood that! Your story was so relatable and I did all the things you did, ", silicone pasties, etc.” lol! So I am very hopeful that my search is over!”

Bras For the Summer non disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralettes

I’ve heard this story countless times and lived it myself. When you feel good, you look good. Bralettes aren’t just undergarments anymore. They’re a statement of comfort and trend setting. Even Vogue has called the bralette “one of the more accessible of the current sultry trends.”

Nothing beats a comfy-cute bralette underneath a light button down and some high waisted shorts - just watch OBX season 2 for proof.

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