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What is a Nipple Concealing Bra?

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What is a nipple concealing bra? And what is the best way to hide my nipples under clothing?

If you think you’ve tried alllllll the ways to hide your nips – we’re right there with you. From padded bras and molded cups to bandages, pasties, and layers of clothing, we’ve tried and failed using nearly every method known to Google that could even potentially hide our nips.

And only one thing has ever worked for us, without fail: The Elli Bralette, the nipple concealing bralette that guarantees 100% nipple concealment, not just coverage.

So, What Is A Nipple Concealing Bralette?!?

This isn’t your average bralette. Let’s start with what it doesn’t have first.

No Foam Padding

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The Elli Bralette has absolutely no foam padding and will never be made with molded cups. Why? For starters, foam padding is a plastic polymer that traps heat and doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. Not exactly what we want against our sensitive skin.

No Underwires and No Back Clasps

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There are also no jabby, pokey underwires and no back clasps. This means that this bralette is comfortable, lies smooth under even the most clingy t-shirt, and eliminates any issue of gaping cups.

Patented Nipple Concealing Petals

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What the Elli Bralette does have is our patented nipple concealing petals. Made of 7 micro-thin layers, each concealing petal is both ultra-flexible and ultra-strong.

Not only do they conceal perky nips fully, but they also completely conceal nipple piercings. As in, no one will ever have so much as an inkling of an idea that you have pierced nips unless you want them to. It’s that good.

And the best part is that the Elli Bralette is so comfortable that you actually might forget that you’re wearing it.

How Does A Nipple Concealing Bralette Fit?

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The Elli is made of a ribbed Spandex/Nylon blend. The material is buttery soft with a generous amount of stretch and a light amount of compression that feels more like a secure hug.

While our size chart does not go by cup size, you can compare your cup size in other brands to our size chart to see if size Junior, Small, Medium or Large would fit you best. 

Do not choose your Elli Bralette size based on your t-shirt size. They are not the same.

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