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How To Find Your Best Bralette Fit

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Find Your Elli Bralette Size with One Simple Step

Finding a bra that fits sometimes feels like a never-ending marathon of frustration – especially if you're looking at an online bra store (like ours) that you might not have purchased from before. This is why we've made it as simple as possible to find your best bralette fit. And don't worry, we won't make you read the whole blog to find out. Here it is:

Check the size of your favorite, most frequently worn bra (underwire or otherwise) and compare that alphanumeric size (32AA, 34A, 32B, etc.) to our size charts.  

That's really all you need to do. We've done all the conversions for you! There's no measuring, no calculating left to be done. Whether you're located in the United States or abroad, you can now conveniently find your size on our new international size charts.

But you should know a few things about the unique fit of the Elli Bralette.

As a Seamless Bra, The Sizing Runs a Bit Small

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Unlike cut-and-sew bras, seamless bras are knit with the inner and outer lining as one whole piece. This unique construction ensures that they are entirely free of seams.

To make this possible, the material is knit with a high elasticity fiber, like nylon and Spandex, that allows it to stretch without losing shape. It not only allows the bralette to move with your body rather than trying to shape it, but it also means that the fit is slightly smaller than what you might be used to. We recommend finding your Elli Bralette size based on your alphanumeric bra size, not your shirt size (if you're accustomed to wearing a S top, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll wear a S Elli Bralette).

As a bonus, the ribbed material in the Elli Bralette's seamless design is buttery, soft, moisture-wicking (without ever retaining gross smells), and so comfortable that you might just forget you're wearing it.

Its snug fit helps to eliminate gaping cups and feels like a gentle hug. Many of our customers even tell us they sleep in theirs – truly a testament to just how comfortable the Elli Bralette is.

What Size to Buy if You're In-Between Bra Sizes 

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Here's the thing: while your bra size helps determine your 'right' Elli Bralette size, the right size can also depend on your personal preferences. So, if you're a 32C in regular bras, you'd technically be a size medium in the Elli Bralette.

But you can size up for more cup coverage during that time of the month or size down for less cup coverage when you're wearing a low-cut top. It all depends on your personal style, breast shape/density, and preference.

We recommend either contacting us for more guidance or ordering two different sizes to try so you can determine what your preference is. Just know that when you first put on your Elli Bralette, it will feel a little snug, similar to how a new pair of jeans needs to be broken in for that perfect fit. [If ordering 2 sizes, request a return label in ORDER NOTES (at checkout) for whichever size fits least.] 

Finding the right size can feel overwhelming, especially if you've struggled to find a comfortable fit in the past. We want to help change that. Not only is the Elli Bralette insanely comfortable, but we also genuinely do love talking with our customers about sizing. If you have any questions at all, send us a quick message!

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