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What’s the Best Bra to Wear After a Breast Augmentation?

woman with hands over her breasts - Best Bra to Wear After a Breast Augmentation

The Elli Bralette Is a Comfortable Bralette with Nipple Coverage

So you had a breast augmentation and you LOVE your new boobs, but you HATE your new bras. I hear you! A lifetime of wearing sports bras and lightly lined t-shirt bras defeats the purpose of having breast implants. They're less comfortable, less cute, and only do so much to conceal erect nipples. And what if – crazy thought here – you just want to wear a cute bralette and show off your new girls?! 

When the Elli Bralette was initially designed, I knew women like me (itty-bitty-titty-committee over here!) who were uncomfortable with their nipples showing would love this bralette. I had no idea it would possibly become the best bralette for augmented breasts. Why? Let's dive in. 

Why Are Women Searching for Nipple Coverage After Breast Augmentations?

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According to the Beverly Fischer Beauty Blog, "Breast implants can sometimes cause your nipples to become permanently erect." Women who have maybe never worried about their nipples showing through their shirts before are now dealing with this 24/7. And what do most Google results suggest to combat having permanent headlights? 

That's right. A lightly lined t-shirt bra. More foam padding - a material that was never invented to conceal anything. That doesn't breathe. That might not even be what you want because who gets a breast augmentation just to be stuck wearing a padded t-shirt bra every day moving forward? 

It's a response deserving of an eye roll because women who are searching for bras with nipple coverage after their breast augmentation just want three simple things: 

  • Comfort
  • Style
  • Effective concealment 

And a lightly lined, underwired t-shirt bra can only meet those requirements part-way. 

Okay, so How Is the Elli Bralette the Best Bra for Breast Implants?

2 girls doing laundry - Best Bra to Wear After a Breast Augmentation

Reason Number 1: The Fabric

Even the Beverly Fischer Beauty Blog lists Lycra as the best material to wear post breast augmentation (after the healing period). Our Nylon/Spandex blend provides the same gentle compression as Lycra. The ribbed texture allows the fabric to stretch and move with your body and is butter-soft with zero seams. 

And thanks to this super stretchy fabric, you can easily pull your Elli Bralette on overhead without having to struggle. 

Reason Number 2: The Nipple Concealing Petals

These babies are the pièce de résistance because they're what makes the Elli Bralette so efficient at hiding nipples in general, and especially after a boob job. Made of three whisper-thin layers that are completely flexible, each nipple concealing petal is permanently heat sealed in place so you never have to stuff another foam triangle into the correct position again. 

Reason Number 3: It's Trendy and Comfortable While Concealing Your Nipples

This one is our favorite. We could explain it ourselves, but Alexandra V. does a much better job: 

"Love this!

Super happy to have come across this bra. I recently got a BA [breast augmentation], but was having trouble finding comfortable bras that also conceal. I literally googled that and this came up. The material is soft, comfortable, and very high quality. The packaging was super cute and there was even a personalized note. I'm 5'2, 120 pounds and went from a 32B to a 34C/34D. Size large was better than the medium, highly recommend especially for BA girls. Will definitely be buying more when new colors come out this summer." 

We've heard from so many women like Alexandra that they wish they could have it all – the boobs they want and comfortable bras that conceal while looking cute. The Elli Bralette is all of the above. 

So Why Isn't The Elli bralette Recommended More?

girl sitting at kitchen table - Best Bra to Wear After a Breast Augmentation

The Elli Bralette was launched in 2020 and continues to grow in popularity but many plastic surgeons don't even know that it's an option – yet. There is so much noise around what you should and shouldn't do or wear post augmentation. Which bras are the best, which underwire length is the most comfortable, and which might conceal erect nipples? We don't want to add to the confusion. We do want to provide you with a solution that feels as good as going braless while providing you with the gentle support you need and the nipple coverage you want. And in order to spread the word, we need your help! 

Whether you've got The Elli Bralette in every color or are just learning about us, follow us on social, subscribe to our newsletter, and forward this blog to the women you know who have been searching for a comfortable bra that hides nipples.

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