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What’s the Best Bralette For Nipple Coverage?

Surprise!  It’s Not a Padded Bra!

Historically, padded bras have been the go-to recommendation to hide nipples from showing. As much as we love talking about how foam padding was definitely not invented to conceal nipples, there’s one thing we haven’t considered: Is it possible that Google is just recycling content to us? What if the better solutions are the lesser-known option all because Google hasn’t caught up yet? 

First, Let’s Examine What Google Has to Say About Bras that Hide Nipples 

blond girl in jean shorts, long sleeve shirt and nipple concealing bralette

Out of curiosity, we Googled the question, ‘Do your nipples show through Bralettes?’ Here’s what we got as our result: 

“Answer: The part of a bra that provides coverage is the lining within the cups. Most bralettes are unlined, which means they don’t have lining. This means that your nipples can be more exposed through your clothes. So, if you’re nervous about your nipples poking through your top, a bralette won’t be the best route to go.” 

It’s a pretty surprising response, given the amount of content that Google crawls on a daily basis. It’s also the most discouraging information when you’re just trying to find a comfortable bra to hide your perky nips. 

I’m not saying there aren’t comfortable lightly lined bras. But there is one unlined bralette that’s both comfortable and a highly effective nipple concealer.

Why Google Needs to Learn More About Bras that Don’t Show Nipples 

Namely, the Elli Bralette. The more we talk about how an unlined, padding free bralette hides nipples, the more chances we have at prompting Google to display accurate information. Because really, it’s just showing us what’s most talked about. So why aren’t padding free nipple concealing bralettes talked about more often? 

Well, for one, they’re not very common. Most are lightly lined to discourage perky nips from showing through and they do a decent job, sometimes. Others have such thick padding you may as well use them for a flotation device. But what bralette does not show nipples at all, is completely unlined and padding free, AND perfect for all ages? As far as we know, there’s only one: The Elli Bralette. 

And the more we talk about it, the more likely we are to hear feedback like this: 

“I was having trouble finding comfortable bras that also conceal. I literally googled that and this [the Elli Bralette] came up.”- Alexandra V. 

Those are the customer stories we love to hear. 

Why The Elli Bralette is the Best Nipple Concealing Bra? 

3 separate images of a blond girl smiling and in different colors of a nipple concealing bralette

We’re glad you asked. The Elli Bralette was designed with three things in mind: 

- Comfort

- Simplicity

- Effective nipple concealment 

One thing we dislike about bras – in addition to, well, everything – is that they often feel so fussy. Straps slip, underwires dig, cups gape, and we just accept this?? No thank you. 

The Elli Bralette is our own rebellion. It’s like having yoga pants but for your boobs. Instead of shaping and lifting, the Elli Bralette provides a gentle compression that feels more like a hug and, with the ribbed fabric, it easily moves with your body. It’s so lightweight that Elli girls often sleep in their bralettes and occasionally forget that they wear it. 

But the real winning factor is how good it is at hiding nipples, thanks to our nipple concealing petals made with ZERO PADDING. Why? Because plastic polymers are never the answer. Boob sweat is never the answer. And changing the natural shape of your breasts isn’t a requirement to hide nipples. 

Gone are the days where your entire boob is covered in foam just to conceal a nipple. Our nipple concealing petals are whisper-thin, completely flexible, and just wide enough to guarantee coverage for any nipple placement. 

The Elli Bralette is THE bralette women are searching for but struggling to find. So the next time your friend is searching for the best bra to hide nipples, send her our way and maybe Google will too.

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