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Our Guide to Finding the Right Bralette Size

Guide to finding the right bralette size - girl standing in the elli bralette looking to the side

What to Do when Your Elli Bralette Doesn’t Fit

"I wanted to love my new Elli Bralette, but it doesn't fit. What do you suggest I do?" 

Over the years, we've found that there are two scenarios that women encounter most often. Scenario #1, like in Annette's case, is that you've ordered the 'wrong size' and you just need to size up: 

First one didn't fit, the second one did!  

I ordered my bralette in what I thought was my size but it turned out to be too small. Becky was quick to reply to my email and offered to send out the next size up with a return label enclosed. It came, it fit, I LOVED it! The attention to detail in the packaging, communication and product is outstanding. Thank you!" – Annette P. 

Scenario #2 is that you ordered the 'right size' but it feels tighter than you expected. The Elli Bralette is going to feel tighter right out of the package but after a few days of wear it will mold itself to your body. It's a completely different fit process than what we're used to with traditional underwire bras.   

How Should the Elli Bralette Fit?

Our guide to finding the right bralette size - girl pulling shirt over her head

First things first - how should our bralette fit?  The Elli Bralette is clasp free so the best way to try it on is to pull it on over your head or, if this is uncomfortable for you, you can step into your Elli Bralette.

Made from buttery soft fabric, your new wireless bralette is designed to stretch without losing its shape, so pulling it on or stepping into it will not hurt the bra. 

Once your Elli Bralette is on, you may find that the nipple concealing petals are not exactly centered with your nipples. Each concealing petal is permanently sealed inside the bralette.

At the center of the concealing petals is a flexible yet rigid polyester circle with a diameter of 1.5 inches, designed to cover most nipple locations. You may need to adjust the bralette or your breasts to find the most comfortable fit and coverage. 

Our guide to finding the right bralette size - girl standing in her den looking behind her

When wearing the right size, your Elli Bralette will feel like a hug, never restricted or compressed. If you notice it's digging into your skin or riding up, you may need a size up. It's also possible that, like Laura, you're in-between sizes: 

Perfect and comfortable. 

I placed an order a few months ago and was so pleased with the comfort of the bralette. For my job, though, I discovered that it would ride up and was not covering me well. I chatted with Becky, and she suggested I go up a size and give that a try. Worked out perfectly!! I use the larger size for work and the smaller size for regular days/when I dress up. I would definitely recommend having a couple different sizes depending on the time of month/what you might be doing that day. I'm still very pleased that this bralette does not cause me back pain like other bras I have worn in the past." - Laura R. 

If you're unsure of what size to order, we've included some illustrations in our size guide to help you determine the best possible fit. You can also always contact us with any additional questions before ordering! We're always scanning our emails for customer questions so we can get back to you sooner rather than later.  

If you do need a different size in the Elli Bralette, here's how to initiate an exchange: 

Our guide to finding the right bralette size- girl standing in her bedroom looking to the side

We've made it super easy: all you need to do is email us here. If you're located in the US, we'll send you another size right away. A return label will be included inside the exchange package so you can reuse the envelope and pop your return back in the mailbox. Easy Peasy. 

**If you're located outside of the US, the process is the same but be sure to check our returns & exchanges page for specific shipping information.

Whether you've received the wrong size or just need to figure out what the right size for you is, we're here to help you. The Elli Bralette has been a game changing wireless bralette for foam free nipple concealment. Don't let a sizing question hold you back from ordering your new favorite bralette.

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