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The Perfect Bra for Hiding Nipple Piercings

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Non-Disclosure Apparel Makes Nipple Jewelry Easy to Conceal

As though hunting for a nipple concealing bra wasn’t enough of a challenge, finding a bra that hides nipple piercings is a downright struggle. Most women don’t want their nipple piercings to scream ‘HELLO, I’M HERE’ all of the time. And the prospect of relying on padded bras to hide them is less than ideal.

It’s like our bras are saying, “you can have this pretty jewelry or you can have your comfort.” We say, why the hell can’t we have both?

You can, and Non Disclosure Apparel has nailed it with the Elli Bralette. With nipple concealers secured inside the stretchy, cute and comfortable bralette, it will never disclose your nipple jewelry. Elli girls - our customers - love how discreet and comfortable it is, and reviews like Lauren’s are frequent:

Exactly what I was looking for! I've struggled finding a bra that could not only fully conceal my nipple piercings, but could be comfortable and used for multiple purposes. I've tried this bra out with the gym, lounging, cleaning, going out, dressing up, you name it- it fits every occasion. I don't see my nipple rings trying to say hello every five seconds, which is FANTASTIC. This bra makes me (and my boobs) feel comfortable in every circumstance, especially with the specific coverage that I need. Needless to say, I love it!” – Lauren

So what is it about the Elli Bralette that makes it so easy to hide nipple piercings?

How to Hide Nipple Piercing(s) – the Elli Bralette Way 

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To hide nipple jewelry, we imagine you've tried one of these 'nipple covers': 

  • Padded bras
  • Ultra-padded bras
  • Silicone nipple covers
  • Put maxi pads in your bra

When you've tried them all, and when the options are limited, it really does start to feel like you've traded daily comfort for nipple jewelry. Padded bras either feel like a straight jacket on your breasts, are uncomfortable against your piercings (especially when they're new!), or plain don't work. And in all cases, the first thing you probably want to do when you get home is take the thing off. 

So how does the Elli Bralette hide nipple jewelry without any unfortunate compromises on comfort? It's simple. Rather than burying your nipples behind an inch of foam padding, our patented bra design utilizes nipple concealing petals that are whisper thin and flexible. 

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We promise it's not too good to be true. Take it from Arni (30), who tried the Elli Bralette on for the first time in our studio. For years she'd thought that padded bras were the only option for hiding her nipple piercings and was brought to tears (no joke) when she realized she could be comfortable and have coverage at the same time. 

"One of the best things about this bralette is how incredibly comfortable it is. Unlike padded bras that feel stiff and uncomfortable, this bralette is soft and flexible, making it feel like a second skin. I can wear it all day without feeling like I need to take it off as soon as I get home. And it's way better than a bralette that has removable padding since those pads often move around and can be difficult to adjust.

The quality of this bralette is also top-notch. The fabric is durable and feels like it will last a long time. I appreciate that the product is well-made and clearly made with care." - Arni 

Elli girls love this bralette because it's designed with comfort in mind. The fabric is breathable and moisture wicking, with a ribbed texture that allows the bralette to stretch and move with you throughout the day – no matter what your day looks like or what type of nipple rings you're wearing. 

Okay, but Wait - how Are Nipple Piercings Easy to Conceal in The Elli Bralette 

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It all comes down to the makeup of our nipple concealing petals. Made of 4 micro-thin layers that vary in strength, the petals are centered and sealed inside the cups. The strongest layer of the petal is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and positioned closest to the nipple. This flexible yet rigid layer is the pièce de résistance of the nipple cover, ensuring maximum concealment. 

Despite their strength, the petals remain fully flexible. These aren't the stiff, molded cups you've dreaded getting used to in the past. Like Liz, once Elli girls try on their first bralette they rarely want to go back to the days of padded 'coverage':

"Great for nipple rings

I've been wearing the Storm (gray) and Azalea (beautiful pink) Classic for over 6 months now, and love them! I've had pierced nipples (rings with a ball) for 15 years and always had to wear padded or thick underwire bras to conceal them under a shirt... until this bralette. And Becky provides excellent customer service. I'm buying more now!" - Liz 

If you've ever wondered whether you can wear a bra with nipple piercings, the Elli Bralette is proof that not only can you, but it'll be so comfortable you'll frequently forget you're even wearing it. The reviews speak for themselves. So why settle for the discomfort? Shop the Elli Bralette and gift yourself a comfortable bra that will also conceal your nipple jewelry. 

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