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Finally, A Bralette Designed To Conceal Your Nipple Piercings – WITHOUT Foam Padding

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Our Patented Nipple Concealing Petals Work And Stay In Place

The search is over, ladies! There’s finally a bralette to conceal nipple piercings that isn’t padded!

Everyone has a domestic task they absolutely hate doing – unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, folding laundry. But the absolute worst (speaking of laundry) is playing hide and seek with removable parts of your bra. 

You know, the weekly game where you fish around the pile of clean clothes for the foam inserts that definitely fell out, all so you can bunch them up (if you’ve been able to locate both), stuff it through the smallest hole, and then maneuver it to lie flat again and in the right spot, which is virtually impossible.

Who designed this anyway?!

Foam Bra Inserts Serve No Purpose

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What really makes it frustrating is that the foam inserts don’t even serve a purpose. Sure, they add a thin layer of bulk to your bralette and ‘help’ your boobs to look bigger and rounder than they are, but enter a cold room, and nothing will stop your nipples or nipple rings from showing through.

For foam to be effective at concealing your body jewelry, it needs to be much thicker than the inserts most bralettes come with. This introduces a new comfort issue – thick padded bras are designed to push your breasts up, and our guess is that it can’t feel very comfortable on a nipple piercing, especially if it’s recent.

There are many reasons why the Elli Bralette is the anti-foam bralette, but mobile foam inserts were the inspiration for heat sealing our nipple concealing petals into place and our customers who have nipple rings love them:

“Exactly what I was looking for! I’ve struggled finding a bra that could not only fully conceal my nipple piercings but could be comfortable and used for multiple purposes. I’ve tried this bra out with the gym, lounging, cleaning, going out, dressing up, you name it- it fits every occasion. I don’t see my nipple rings trying to say hello every five seconds, which is FANTASTIC. This bra makes me (and my boobs) feel comfortable in every circumstance, especially with the specific coverage that I need. Needless to say, I love it!” – Lauren

So what exactly is it about our nipple concealing petals that makes them so awesome?

Our Nipple Concealing Petals Are Designed Around 5 Fundamental Aspects

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Every Elli Bralette has two permanent, non-removable nipple concealing petals designed with five key goals in mind:


Our nipple concealing petals are a system of whisper thin fabric, the complete and total opposite of foam padding.


Strong but not stiff, so your nipple rings and barbells will not show through.


This one is key. By designing a nipple concealing petal that bends and curves with the shape of your breast, it conceals comfortably rather than forcing your piercing to lay at an awkward or uncomfortable angle.


Say goodbye to fishing inserts out of the laundry bin! The Elli Bralette nipple concealing petals are permanently heat sealed into place.


This one was important to us. What’s the point in concealing your nipple piercings if it’s obvious that you’re concealing something? Because our nipple concealing petals are thin and flexible, they are also very discreet.

The Elli Bralette Is The Most Comfortable And Effective Solution To Concealing Your Nipple Jewelry

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Post pandemic, women are demanding more from their clothes – mainly that they actually be comfortable, and bras are no exception to this. Some customers, like Liz, have spent 15 years wearing thick padded bras. Then they discover the Elli Bralette:

“I’ve been wearing the Storm (gray) and Azalea (beautiful pink) Classic for over 6 months now, and love them! I’ve had pierced nipples (rings with a ball) for 15 years and always had to wear padded or thick underwire bras to conceal them under a shirt… until this bralette. And Becky provides excellent customer service. I’m buying more now!” – Liz

We’re confident that once you try the Elli Bralette, it’ll become your new go-to. Ditch the thick foam and padded inserts. Trust the Elli Bralette to conceal your nipple rings with a maximum level of comfort. Our customers have repeatedly ditched their padded bras (after years of loyalty!) for the comfort of their Elli Bralette. Plus, our returns and exchange policy makes it an easy, no brainer decision to just try it out. 

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