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What Is A Nipple Concealing Bralette?

What Is A Nipple Concealing Bralette? 3 colors of elli bralettes

A Lightweight Bralette That Also Conceals Your Nipples

Before we dive into the purpose for (and amazing qualities of) our nipple concealing bralette, let’s talk about what a 'bralette' is in general. A bralette is a lightweight bra (not a shirt or a camisole) that is made without underwire.  In fact, it has no rigid structure to speak of and no back clasp either.  Women and girls like wear bralettes because they're comfortable, stylish and breathable.  

For the most part, bralettes are unlined. Thanks to that, nipples (erect or not) tend to show through the thin material thereof. 'Nipple reveal can be a problem with bralettes...', echoes The New York Times in article, The Bralette is Back. 

Yes, it’s a problem, this nipple-showing-through-the-bralette situation.

In an attempt to combat it, bra companies are adding removable padding to bralette styles. Really? One would think that bra industry giants would've come up with something better than...padding. It's just sooo...bulky, hot and distorting. Removable bra pads have a tendency to roll, bunch, crease and always, always get lost in the wash.

Enter the Elli Bralette

This little bra company, Non Disclosure Apparel we mean, is flipping the script on all that padding business. We do not accept removable padding, or padding of any nature as the best solution for nipple coverage in bralettes.   

In fact, we're so much against padding that we were inspired to create a better alternative: a non-padded bralette with concealing petals built into the cups for nipple coverage. It just one of those things that had to happen.

The flexible concealing petals inside the bralette are made of a combined system of lightweight, micro-thin textiles.  Each layer varies in strength, the strongest of which, being on the bottom layer, closest to the nipple.  This bottom layer that we speak of is the piece de resistance, the one that blocks the nipple from showing through.  It's so strong, if fact, it even renders a nipple ring undetectable.  Pretty cool, right? The function of the top layers is to feather out the edges of this heroic bottom layer.

Thin, strong, flexible and discreet - the concealing petals do amazing things.

These little gems, concealing stacks we also call them, are non-removable, centered and sealed between two stretchy, nylon cup layers of the bralette before sewing on the trim.  The bra has no back clasp and the only hardware included is the smooth, nickel free alloy used for the adjustable straps.  That's it. The bra is a simple concept really and it's called The Elli Bralette.

What Is A Nipple Concealing Bralette?

In addition to The Elli Bralette being an unpadded bra specifically designed for nipple concealing, it’s incredibly comfortable.  It's extreme level of comfort was a no-brainer. Once we arrived at a fool proof concealer, a seamless knit, butter-soft bralette was designed around it. The bralette turned out to be so comfy in fact, that tweens, teens and adult women are sleeping in it!  

Bralette Wearers Rejoice! No more trade-offs in the name of modesty. The Elli Bralette is a one step, pull it over your head and go (and never worry about your nipples showing through your clothing) bralette and it's changing the bra game forever.  It's an ideal bra for women with small to medium sized breasts and it's the perfect first bra for young girls.  The proof is in the pudding - you gotta see it to believe it!

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