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How To Wash Your Elli Bralette

flatlay of an outfitThe printed label on your Elli Bralette reads: hand wash, hang to dry, but is that really what you're going to do? Not necessarily. Even we don't! (More on that later) So, to make things easier, we've put together a guide on how to wash your bralette (and what you can get away with). 

The Best Way to Wash Your Elli Bralette

The ideal way to wash any bralette is by hand, in cold water, before you hang it to dry, or if you're feeling extra, lay it flat to dry. This is for the best results to preserve the fabric's longevity, nipple concealing petals and hardware on your Elli Bralette. 

And we absolutely, completely, 100% know that there is not a snowball's chance in hell of anyone doing this - including us (habitual rule breakers that we are).

So what's the second best way? Place your bralette inside a lingerie bag, toss it in the washing machine, wash on cold or cool with whatever detergent you prefer, and (still) hang or lay flat to dry.

When hanging your Elli Bralette, hang it by the band to prevent the straps from stretching out. 

If you're a rule follower like some of our Elli girls (and bless you for having the patience, truly), hand washing is the best way to preserve your Elli Bralettes so you can wear them for years. 

But if you're like us, you're probably asking…

Do You Always Need To Follow The Wash Instructions? 

woman holding up a bralette - how to wash your bralettes

Expectation vs reality - the paradoxical wash instructions. Most times, the reality is that we don't really feel like doing the laundry, never mind reading the tags on our clothes. 

In regards to the Elli Bralette, you don't always need to follow the wash instructions - but if you want to preserve the look and feel of your bra, you should 😬. There's a number of things that factor into the care instructions of your Elli, from the fabric type and blend to the hardware and nipple concealing petals. 

If we were to make a confession…sometimes we wash our Elli Bralette in the shower! Yep, just hop in with it on, suds up, rinse off, and consider it good to go. Yes, we know we're cutting corners.

But for the most part, our Elli Bralettes go into the wash with everything else, and if we're lucky, whoever is switching the laundry will remember to pull it out and air dry it. Because too many 'accidental' trips in the dryer will eventually wear the Elli Bralette down.  

Avoid The Dryer…Unless You're In A Pinch 

beige and brorwn bralettes - how to was your bralettes

Anything with stretch should avoid the dryer as often as possible. That's as true for your jeans and yoga pants as it is for your Elli Bralette.

Why? Because heat will eventually break down the elastane fibers in the fabric, causing your Elli Bralette to lose its stretch and ability to snap back into shape. But what we're most concerned about is the integrity of the heat seal that keeps your nipple concealing petals perfectly in place.

By applying more heat, the bond between the bralette lining and the nipple concealing petal will eventually wear down - and that's the last thing we want for you. 

Why A Lingerie Bag Is Helpful  

dark grey bralette - How to Wash Your Bralette

If choosing to machine wash, a lingerie bag will make it a million times easier to spot your Elli Bralette in the washer, prevent it from getting tangled with other clothes and/or straps getting caught on anything.

Should you throw your Elli Bralette in the dryer (again, not recommended) a lingerie bag will help protect the bra and strap hardware from getting banged up. Just know that the more times you put it in the dryer, the sooner you'll need to buy a replacement Elli.

You can find a lingerie bag at Target or similar stores (and, of course, on Amazon) for a relatively low-cost solution to protecting your bralette. 

In Summary, The Best Way To Wash Your Elli Bralette Is…

beige bralettes

The preferred method? Hand wash. Second best? Machine wash on cold in a lingerie bag.  Air dry as often as possible (read: avoid the dryer) and your Elli Bralette will be in tip-top shape for years to come.

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