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Guide to Bras for Small Boobs

Guide to Bras for Small Boobs - girls running on the beach wearing non disclosure apparel bralettes

Are Wireless Bralettes Better for Small Busts?  

Bralettes and wire free bras are getting more traffic lately – but is all the hype for real?? Can a bra with no wire and no padding actually be functional and comfy, or is it just too good to be true? Are wireless bralettes better for small busts?  We're here to prove that YES it's for real, YES it's functional, and YES you can have it all - at least when it comes to wearing bralettes, and especially if you have small boobs. Hear us out. 

Card carrying members of the IBTC have forever struggled with finding a bra that does NOT have:

  • Gaping cups
  • Unnecessary padding
  • Digging underwire (a moot point for small breasts, regardless of the digging)
  • Prickly back clasps 

Most women with small breasts simply want their bra to have proper nipple coverage, thank you very much. So why is there all this unnecessary (useless, pointless, etc.) material in our bras, and what's a better solution? 

We're glad you asked. But first: 

What Is the Actual Point of Padding and Underwires?

Guide to Bras for Small Boobs - girl laughing sitting on side of cabin

If you assumed shape and lift is the answer to the perpetual question of WHAT IS THE POINT, you're correct! But that probably wasn't your first guess. Most of us assume that underwires provide support and padding is for coverage/volume because that's what we've been sold. 

The truth is that padded bras were invented almost a century ago solely to provide volume. Not only is it not intended for nipple concealment, in lightly lined bras it's not even effective! And if you've got a smaller bust, padding does very little other than further exaggerate the gaping cups of your bra in an effort to make your boobs look bigger than you want them to. 

Additionally, the wires you were led to believe as being supportive are only there to shape your breasts – and are probably doing a poor job of it by poking and jabbing you instead. Not to mention, smaller breasts naturally have less volume, which kind of makes shaping a moot point. 

So what's the solution? 

The Elli Bralette Is the Ideal Wire Free Bra Solution for Small Chests 

girls walking on the boardwalk together wearing non disclosure apparel bralettes

Bralettes are widely known for their lightweight comfort and wire-free, less structured qualities. But does that mean that they can't provide support? Absolutely not. 

The key to a supportive bralette lies in the band, with additional support from the straps and fabric. 

It's also important to note that by nature, smaller breasts don't weigh nearly as much as, say, a D cup and therefore don't require nearly as much support as larger breasts. So why wear something with unnecessary materials and structure – that do nothing to support you – and don't even fit your body type? 

This is what makes the Elli Bralette a great fit for small breasts. We've purposefully eliminated all the BS you hate in your 'regular' bras in exchange for a bralette that works with your body type. 

Referred to as the "bra-that-feels-like-you're-not-wearing-a-bra", the Elli Bralette is made of a seamless ribbed knit fabric that feels buttery soft and is lightweight on your skin. Its breathable fabric eliminates boob sweat rather than holding in body heat like your padded bras, and it's purposefully equipped with our patented nipple concealing petals. Heat sealed into each bralette, they're whisper thin and designed to conceal even the sharpest glass cutters. 

Why Should You Switch to Wearing a Wire Free Bralette? 

girl smiling and wearing non disclosure apparel nipple concealing bralette

Most smaller busted women and teens prefer the snug fit of a bralette, that feels more like a hug than a joust. And we don't blame them – who wants to feel like their tits are lost in the abyssal void of a cup that's designed more for a perfectly rounded apple, as though anyone's boobs are shaped like that anyway?! 

(Can you tell we're passionate about this topic?) 

The Elli Bralette was designed as the light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, a solution where we don't have to wear bras that distort the size and shape of our breasts, as though the way they naturally look isn't acceptable. When wearing your Elli Bralette, you will have 24/7 nipple coverage, wire-free comfort, and breathable, padding-free fabric that makes your breasts feel comfortable without reshaping them. 

Give it a try and see for yourself. Shop the Elli Bralette here.

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