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We're Busting Myths About Bras and Setting the Record Straight!

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What is a Bra For, Anyway? 

We're doing it!  We're going to bust myths about bras.  Here we go!

Support. Shape. Lift. These are the most common reasons we wear bras, from when we're prepubescent teens throughout our adult lives. It's a never-ending game of two truths and a lie. Can you guess which is false? 

Drumroll please… it's support. Are you shocked?  

There are a few myths we'd love to bust about the bras we've all been sold – and each one is supported by Laura Tempesta, North America's self-proclaimed sole individual with a Master's degree in lingerie design. 

True or False: The Support in Your Bra Comes from The Underwire. 

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False! The underwire was designed to provide shape for the breasts, not support. This is actually one of our favorite Bra-myth busting topics because finally there's proof that comfort is not synonymous with unsupportive.  

True or False: A good bra will prevent your breasts from sagging over time. 

This is also false! In fact, some studies suggest bras can be detrimental to your health because your muscles can lose tone. When your bra provides so much lift, they don't have to work. But there's also evidence to suggest that whether or not you wear a bra has no effect on if your boobs will sag. Damn you, gravity.  

True or False: Bras have been modernized to be comfortable and functional for the modern woman. 

Are you sensing a trend yet? This is also false. When watching Laura Tempesta's TED Talk, we weren't exactly shocked to hear that the design of the bra has barely changed in over 100 years. I mean, okay, we're not wearing bullet bras anymore, but today's standard bra that she shows during her talk is a nearly identical twin to one from the early 1900's. We thought it's time for a change. Women deserve comfortable, supportive bras that break the century-old mold.   

Busting Myths About Bras - 2 girls in nipple concealing bralettes by non disclosure apparel hanging laundry to dry

So, if a bra doesn't prevent sagging breasts and underwires don't provide support, why do we tolerate them? And how has fashion changed so drastically each decade, and yet bras remain the same? Tempesta points out that we've been conditioned to accept good enough in the fit of our bras – and we're inclined to agree with her. Women from all over have shared their stories about the extensive searches they've endured for a decent bra. Not a great bra, not a perfect bra, not an I never want to take this off level of comfort bra. 

Again, we wanted to change that. 

Here's how The Elli Bralette is a true game changer

When designing our bralette, we wanted to create the most comfortable bralette suitable for just about any activity while providing the gentle support our bralettes are supposed to give us. 

The Elli Bralette is wire-free, providing support without discomfort

girl looking at camera by mailboxes in nipple concealing bralette by non disclosure apparel

We always knew it wasn't too good to be true. As a bra should, the Elli Bralette provides light support through the band and the entire bra in and of itself, with the straps and Nylon/Spandex blend fabric aiding in supportive comfort. The band is slightly deeper on our size Large for extra support. The straps stay put (a novel concept, we know). The fabric is buttery soft, and lightweight with just the right amount of compression. It's so comfortable we often forget we're wearing ours. Many of our customers even sleep in their Elli Bralettes! 

You Can Wear Your Elli Bralette to Work, to The Gym, While Running Errands, Lounging – Anywhere Really – and Still Feel Supported and Comfortable

Even traditional sports bras – the pinnacle of athleisure – begin to feel uncomfortable after an hour or two. We wanted to create a bralette that helped eliminate the need for a different bra for daily activities. Providing wire-free support was step one. Buttery soft, lightweight and breathable fabric marked step two complete. But we also noticed that even on the more comfortable sports bras, there were bulky or scratchy seams that dug into our skin after a while. 

So we created a completely seamless, wire-free, supportive bralette made from the softest breathable material. There was just one more step to completing the bralette of our dreams… 

Nipple Concealment without Foam Padding

girl happily smiling at camera pouring water into a tea cup wearing a bralette by non disclosure apparel

Say whaaaat?! Unlike the bra industry, we've never liked to play two truths and a lie. The Elli Bralette is all about concealing nipples – not because we have to, but because some of us simply don't want our nipples to show through our shirts. And most of us don't want a floatation device strapped to our chests for the duration of the day. The Elli Bralette is the anti-foam bralette for many reasons, but our favorite is that foam was built for volume, not coverage! 

Our nipple concealing petals are heat sealed into each bralette, so they never move or get lost in the wash - but they do make us wonder why the bra industry is so obsessed with volume when there are better solutions to the things women actually care about. 

We've always been a big fan of having your cake and eating it too, and the Elli Bralette is a perfect example of this. No woman should ever have to settle for good enough – especially not when it comes to their bralettes. Shop our Elli Bralette collection and find the functional, comfortable support you've been looking for. We know you won't be disappointed.


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