How to Hide Nipple Piercings

The Elli Bralette Hides Nipple Rings

A Bralette that Conceals Nipple Jewelry

I have great news to share! The Elli Bralette hides nipple piercings! Recently, my neighbor (Maggie) hosted a small dinner party and was bragging to her “younger” female guest (Sarah, late 20’s) about the bralette line. Maggie is a devout NDA customer (she’s an augmented 34DD and wears the Elli Excel) and she promotes the bralette line to anyone who will listen – bless her. Of course, I happily joined in the conversation to further explain the bra: the permanent concealing petals built into each cup, the fact it’s seamless, incredibly comfortable, etc.

As Maggie and I were rambling on about the bralette, Sarah appeared to be deep in thought. I soon found out, she was dwelling on her nipple piercings. As Maggie and I chatted away about the how well the bra conceals an erect nipple, Sarah was quietly wondering about whether the bralette would also work to conceal her nipple jewelry. Also, Maggie and I are a great deal older than her so she wasn’t sure how to approach the subject.

The Elli Bralette Hides Nipple Rings

Finally, Sarah comes out with it and tells us her nipples are pierced. She said it in a “I don’t think this will work for me because…” kind of way and was surprised by my reaction of…UTTER EXCITEMENT!! “You have to try this bra on right now!” I joyfully exclaimed. Years ago, a “cut and sew” prototype of the bralette proved to conceal one of our model’s nipple rings. Since I had scrapped the idea of “cut and sew” and the bra is now made of seamless knit, I’ve yet to witness the Elli Bralette on a customer with nipple piercings. Thankfully, Sara (34C) was up for the experiment so Maggie lended her an Excel to try. In minutes, all three of us girls were huddled in the master bathroom, waiting for the “big reveal”.

To Sarah’s amazement and noticeable relief, the bralette’s built in concealing petals created a smooth appearance and literally made her piercings disappear. While she adores her nipple jewelry, it’s so lovely: silver bars with turquoise beads on either end, sometimes she wants to be discreet about it. Other times, she wants to wear a tight, fitted shirt and it bothers her to see the jewelry “bumps” showing through the fabric thereof.

As Sarah looked at her reflection in the mirror, her eyes welled with tears – how could a non-padded bralette perform this way? She felt a rush of gratitude for this accidental discovery of a bralette that actually concealed her nipple jewelry. “And it’s soooo comfortable!”, she said. Until now, she had been resorting to molded cup “t-shirt” bras to conceal them because she didn’t know another option existed. Well, now she knows and now you know too.

I founded Non Disclosure Apparel specifically to design a nipple concealing bralette. Not only has the final product also turned out to be extremely comfortable, it conceals nipple piercings! Why is this great news? Because this bra will be helpful to a whole new market! I’m thrilled!

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