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Best Bra for Tweens: The Elli Bralette

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Thanks to The Elli Bralette, tween girls no longer need to get used to underwire bras. When your preteen is ready, she can easily pull on her Elli, wear it with her favorite cami, t-shirt, hoody, et., and still have all the support she needs (or doesn't need) while being comfortable. It's age-appropriate, super cute, and will feel familiar while everything else is changing. It's the best bra for tweens!

All that is to say, being a tween is hard enough. Give the young girl in your life something that can make it so much easier: The Elli Bralette.

Why Is the Elli Bralette the Best Training Bra for Tweens?

tween girls walking arm in arm down the road - Best Bra for Tweens

Let's start with the fact that the design feels familiar to them. Here's why: The Elli Bralette has no underwire, no foam padding and no back clasp for them to get used to.

Instead, they can pull it on overhead just like any other shirt. The thin straps are also designed to look similar to a cami strap, so no one will even know she's "wearing a bra".

Because of the ribbed material, the Elli Bralette provides light support –not compression - that feels like a gentle hug. The more she wears it, the more it will shape to her body, making it the perfect training bra – whether she needs one or just wants one.

The band and straps won't dig into her skin (assuming she's wearing the correct size – see our easy size chart here) and the fabric is buttery soft, almost cool to the touch.

As an added bonus, because of our Nylon/Spandex blend, it's moisture wicking without retaining any sweat smells – perfect for the active tween girl.

Where the Elli Bralette really shines, however, is in the nipple concealing petals, our piece de resistance.

What Is a Nipple Concealing Bralette?

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Our patented design includes nipple concealing petals heat sealed into each bralette. They're paper-thin, completely foam free and strong as heck.

While our adult customers love their Elli Bralettes to conceal active nipples and even nipple jewelry, the concealing petals make the Elli Bralette the best training bra for tweens.

Your tween girl can feel confident knowing that her shirt will still lay smooth as she develops into a young woman. And because each nipple concealing petal is permanently sealed in place, she'll never have to worry about adjusting her new bra and you won't need to fish the removable padding out from the wash.  

Where Can You Purchase the Elli Bralette?

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If you're local to Charleston, SC, you can find the Elli Bralette in a few shops around town to gift or bring your tween girl to try on. Otherwise, shop our online bra store!

Before you click Add To Cart, check our size charts (available with international size conversions done for you)! OR, if you have any questions about what size to get, contact us!

We'll help you find the perfect bra size for your tween girl, and if she's in-between sizes or you need clarification, order more than one and we'll send you a return label for the size that doesn't fit perfectly.

At this time in their life, it's so important to feel comfortable when everything is changing. The Elli Bralette will give her the confidence she craves and the comfort she needs, making her first bra experience one she can actually look forward to.

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tween girls walking down the street arm in arm - best bra for tweens
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