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Why The Elli Bralette is the Best Training Bra

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So you’re shopping for your daughter’s first training bra – and somehow, you have more questions than solutions. What size do you get? What’s a smoothing bra? WHY does a 12 year old need so much lace?!

Finding the best first bra is like looking for a needle in a stack of hairpins. It all looks similar, but you’re trying to find the one bra - one that conceals, is comfortable, lightweight, age appropriate, multi-functional - and you keep winding up with hairpins. 

As a mother myself, I can relate to the struggle. I’ve cursed TikTok for making my daughter think she NEEDS a push up bra (cue my eye roll). Finding tween bras that are actually age-appropriate feels nearly impossible, which is why I founded NDA: to provide solutions and a resource. Let’s start with decoding the basics.  

What’s the Best First Bra for Tweens?

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You might be thinking, my daughter doesn’t even need a bra yet; she’s barely hit puberty! But her friends are wearing them. Or maybe she’s at the very early stages of development and simply wants to hide her breast buds, but padded underwire bras are more than she needs (not to mention uncomfortable) and the soft, knit bras that you’re finding only provide moderate coverage. Where do you go from there?

Understanding Coverage vs. Concealment

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Coverage in Starter Bras

Teen bras and girls’ seamless bras often use the word ‘coverage’ in their descriptions to imply that their soft bralettes and training bras will hide tween nipples and breast buds. What that really means is that they are ‘lightly lined’, likely have sewn in or removable foam inserts to help ‘cover’ the nipples or the bras are made with molded cups. 

Now, both do provide some coverage. A layer of foam will help ‘cover’, and lightly lined just means that there are two layers of fabric, which never worked for me. Plus, the drawbacks to foam padding are the same:

  • The foam lining, inserts and molded cups will add to her size rather than simply concealing her nipples or breast buds.
  •  Foam padding (as we know) is made of plastic polymers and does not breathe.
  •  Molded cups are going to gape.

Concealment in Training Bras

So how is concealment different?

Our nipple concealing petals are completely different. For starters, they’re whisper thin and super flexible, so they won’t distort or change her shape. They will only conceal her nipples, providing a smooth appearance under her clothing.

There’s also no foam padding involved, which means less synthetic material and more breathability – ideal for an active tween who doesn’t want to sit in a training bra that just collects sweat.

So where do you find a tween bra that provides concealment, not just coverage? To our knowledge, there’s only one online bra shop.

Where to Buy Bras for Tweens

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Non Disclosure Apparel is the online bra shop for tweens and teens who don’t want their nipples to show AND don’t want to wear layers of foam just to feel modest and comfortable.

The Elli Bralette is lightweight, moisture wicking, super stretchy and buttery-soft. The thin spaghetti straps look like regular cami straps, so it won’t ‘look like she’s wearing a bra’. And our nipple concealing petals inside the Elli Bralette are the creme de la creme, providing guaranteed concealment. 

And, as a bonus, our online orders are shipped in discreet packaging, which helps make it the perfect option for a self-conscious tween that doesn’t want anyone to know you’ve ordered her first bra. 

Hitting puberty is difficult enough without the bra industry adding to the stack of things young girls need to get used to. Gift the tween in your life a bralette that’s so lightweight she’ll forget she’s wearing it.

Shop the Elli Bralette, and, as always, if you just want to talk it through, drop us a line.

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