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Bralette Meets Sports Bra - The Elli Bralette Checks all the Boxes

Bralette Meets Sports Bra - The Elli Bralette Checks all the Boxes - girl with her back to camera wearing elli bralette non disclosure apparel

The Supportive Sports Bra You Need Now 

Bralette Meets Sports Bra - A comfortable sports bra is the pinnacle of athleisure. A garment so light and comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it.  And cute enough to wear under a loose tank or cropped top, with a simple design that won’t show through your t-shirt if you prefer modesty. 

If this sounds too good to be true, we promise it’s not. The Elli Bralette checks all of those boxes and then some. It’s the supportive sports bra you’ve been waiting for. 

Okay, but is a Sports Bra Considered Supportive? 

The Supportive Sports Bra You Need Now - woman doing yoga

The short answer is yes, but the type of support varies. Most sports bras rely on compression as a way of ‘support’. While this might make high-impact activities like running more comfortable for larger cup sizes, there’s no denying the massive sigh of relief you feel when you finally get to take it off.

Other sports bras include underwires and back clasps that poke and jab while you work out but don’t actually add any additional support. 

The Elli Bralette provides support for low-impact activities in two ways. The first is the band and strap design. This is where your support comes from, not the underwires.

Smaller cup sizes require less support, so the band and straps on the Elli Bralette size Small and Medium are slightly more narrow. Our size Large has a deeper band and slightly thicker straps, providing more support and coverage for larger bust sizes. 

girl with her back to camera on beach with nda sports bra

The materials used to make the Elli Bralette also provide support. Our ribbed nylon/spandex blend is meant to feel like a hug – slight compression without digging in or flattening your breasts while remaining comfortable and easy to take off. 

This is the sports bralette that you won’t want to take off. It’s designed to go from the gym to work or running errands to lounging, supporting you throughout every part of your day. 

What Does Wearing a Sports Bra Do? 

woman working out in non disclosure apparel sports bra facing camera with hand in her hair

When you wear the Elli Bralette to the gym, you’ll notice a comfortable amount of support through light compression. You can bike, row, lift weights, go to yoga and feel comfortable at all times. Smaller cup sizes will find the Elli Bralette great for high-impact exercises like running. 

One additional comfort that the Elli Bralette provides that no other sports bra does is nipple concealment. When you’re focused on your workout, the last thing you want is to have a nagging worry that your nipples are showing through your shirt. Our nipple-concealing petals have you covered. 

Heat-sealed into each Elli Bralette, our patented nipple-concealing petals are secured in place. To clarify, the nipple concealing petals are not padding. They’re not even in the same textile family. 

The Supportive Sports Bra You Need Now - teenage ballerina in sports bra

Bonus points - you’ll never find them floating around your laundry basket. We created this design to provide ease, comfort, and peace of mind, simplifying your life. 

You’ll also notice how breathable the Elli Bralette is. Our moisture-wicking fabric is buttery soft, allowing your skin to breathe at all times. No more pools of sweat under your bust line, and no more struggling to pull off a drenched cotton/poly sports bra. We’ve designed our Elli Bralette to provide maximum comfort that feels so good you almost don’t notice it. 

Which Age Is Best for A Sports Bra? 

The Supportive Sports Bra You Need Now - woman doing yoga in sports bra

Comfort doesn’t come with an age requirement. One thing we love about the Elli Bralette is that it’s appropriate for all ages and situations. 

Nurses and women in demanding jobs with long hours love the Elli Bralette for its nipple concealment, whisper-thin feel, and straps that don’t slip. But it’s also the perfect sports bra for your pre-teen or teenager, taking them from classes to sports practice while helping them feel comfortable in their changing bodies. 

Our simple design and range of neutrals and bright colors make the Elli Bralette the best wireless sports bra because it supports you throughout every part of the day – a true pinnacle of athleisure. Shop our supportive bralettes today and see for yourself.


Bralette Meets Sports Bra - The Elli Bralette Checks all the Boxes - girl standing with back to camera in an NDA bralette
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