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Give the Gift Every Woman Wants: A Comfortable Bra

What’s better than the relief of taking off your underwire bra? The joy in finding a foam free, wire free bralette that’s so good, you barely notice you’re wearing it. AKA The Elli Bralette, the perfect gift every woman wants at any age.

The Best Gift For Small Busted Women

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If you know a card-carrying member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, this is the bra they’ve been searching for. The Elli Bralette eliminates gaping cups, has no underwire and absolutely no foam padding.

Why? Because small busts don’t need the shaping that underwires provide, and frankly all foam padding does - especially in a molded cup bra - is create even more gaping.

The Elli Bralette is a wire free, foam free nipple concealing bra with an emphasis on comfort and modesty.

The Best Gift For Breast Cancer Survivors and Women With a Breast Augmentation

girl in sunglasses relaxing by pool - Give the Gift Every Woman Wants: A Comfortable Bra

One thing you might not know – reconstructive surgeries and breast augmentations may cause active or overactive nipples, and not every woman wants to be like Rachel from friends.

The Elli Bralette’s patented design includes nipple concealing petals that are heat sealed in place. Each petal is completely foam free, paper thin, and strong as hell, providing guaranteed concealment no matter how active your nipples are.

The buttery soft ribbed fabric of the Elli Bralette also makes it the perfect gift for post-recovery. With gentle support that feels like a hug, this is the bralette our BA customers turn to and even sleep in for extra support!

The Best Gift For Teens and Tweens

teen girl on her cell phone - Give the Gift Every Woman Wants: A Comfortable Bra

Being a tween is hard enough without needing to get used to wearing a bra - that they may or may not need yet. The Elli Bralette is the perfect solution.

The ribbed Nylon/Spandex fabric is buttery soft; the straps are as thin as a cami strap, and fun colors like Atlantic make it cute and trendy to layer. And thanks to our nipple concealing petals, she’ll feel comfortable as she develops, knowing that her shirt will lay smooth.

The Best Gift For…Yourself

girl with her back towards the camera - Give the Gift Every Woman Wants: A Comfortable Bra

We’ve received countless emails from Elli Bralette girls telling us they love theirs so much that they’ve gotten rid of their other bras and even sleep in their Elli! While it still blows our minds, we’re grateful to be able to share the Elli Bralette with so many women who have been searching and searching for a bra that feels like home.

Whether you’re small busted, have nipple piercings you want to conceal, or just want a lightweight bra that feels as comfortable as a second skin, the Elli Bralette is here for you.

Our only word of advice: always check our size chart before placing a new order. We’ve even added international conversions so you don’t have to worry! But if any questions do come up, contact us first before you hit Add To Cart.

And if you’ve already ordered, we’d love to hear what you think of your new Elli Bralette – whether it’s your first or your fifth.  

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