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How to Wash Your Bralette

How to Wash Your Nipple Concealing Bralette

Sometimes, I Wash My Bralette In the Shower…

My daughter and I basically live in our Beach bralettes. She has three because she’s constantly misplacing hers. I have one Beach, one Azalea, one Storm. I rarely wash my Beach, frankly because I wear it every day and don’t want to. Azalea and Storm on the other hand, I wear to the gym, so they need washing on the reg. Sometimes I wear the bralette straight into the shower, washing it right there on my body. Loop it on the tub faucet, see ya tomorrow.

The “Recommended” Washing Method

Hand Wash” and “Hang to Dry” is the recommended method of washing these things. Not everyone feels like doing that, not even me. The group in this photo, I threw in the machine & washed in COLD water on DELICATE. Thanks to the previous homeowner, I have a rack of hooks on the wall above washer, so that’s where they’re hangin’.

Say No…to the Dryer

I hang my Elli upside down, like so, because the concealer remains convex, nicey nice. Speaking of the concealer, it is heat sealed into the cup, so what’s the one thing you DON’T wanta do? Apply more heat. As in, DO NOT APPLY HEAT. As in, DO NOT PUT IN IN THE DRYER. I don’t even do that (anymore).

Why, you might ask? Because in the dryer, the concealer could get crunchy, distorted, sometimes even bend into a concave situation. The concealer is meant to lie smooth over the breast, nicey nice. Crunchy, distorted and concave are pretty much the opposite of that.

Your New Bestie

So what the heck’s the message? Well, since the Elli is (or soon will be) your New Bestie, wash her gently and hang her to dry. Simple, Nicey Nice.

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