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The Absolute Best T-shirt Bra for Small Boobs

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Your favorite tee deserves a bra that’s equally as effortless, comfortable and cute.  Like (ahem) the Elli Bralette, the best non-padded t-shirt bralette that guarantees 100% nipple concealment 100% of the time. And did you know, it's the best t-shirt bra for small boobs?

If you’re ready to ditch the molded cups and padded bras that make your natural A cup look more like a Madonna costume, keep reading because we’ve made the best t-shirt bra for you. 

First Things First: How Do You Hide Your Nips From Showing Through Your T-shirt?

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The Elli Bralette’s patented design includes paper thin, ultra flexible nipple concealing petals that are also strong as steel (relatively speaking, of course). Each concealing petal is a system of seven layers stacked together to create nipple concealing magic without flattening your breast in any way. 

As an added bonus, they’re also heat sealed in place, so you never need to adjust or fish through the laundry to find them. 

Why Is The Elli Bralette Better Than A Padded Bra?

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First and foremost - foam padded bras were never created for nipple concealment, although they’re frequently marketed to ‘help cover’ nips today. They were actually invented in 1947 by the owner of Fredericks of Hollywood to increase volume in the breast - which is probably why small busted women find them so impossibly uncomfortable. We simply don’t fill them out, which leads to gaping cups or weird gaps in molded cups that give that domed look. 

But let’s say you have a foam padded bra you love - or maybe one you tolerate. It still isn’t a breathable material. Foam padding is made of plastic polymers, effectively trapping body heat and sweat, which is the last feeling we want on our sensitive skin. 

Not to mention, some of us just love the shape of our natural small breasts! Which is why the Elli Bralette will always be completely foam free. Our ribbed Nylon/Spandex material is moisture wicking, breathable, and will never alter your natural shape - all while completely concealing your nipples throughout any activity, any day. 

This Is The Best Bra For T-shirts, Tank Tops AND Small Boobs 

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While we could talk about our *incredible* nipple concealing petals, there are a few other things that help make the Elli Bralette the #1 best t-shirt bra, especially for small busts. 

It Lays Smooth and Flat Under Your Shirt 

Thanks to the Nylon/Spandex ribbed material, the Elli Bralette stretches to fit you and feels like a gentle hug. Because of this, the cups will never gape - hallelujah! The bralette band will lay smooth against your ribcage without ever digging in (provided you’re wearing the correct size), and without a back clasp, even your most clingy t-shirt will lay flat, having nothing to cling to. 

The Straps Are Skinny and Cute AF

Our bra straps are made using the same fold over elastic used to trim the Elli Bralette. It’s soft and stretchy and will not dig into your skin. And if you have a boat neck or scooped neck tee, they’ll remain hidden for a flawless look. 

Our Sweetheart Neckline Stays Hidden Under V-Neck Shirts

Dipping just low enough to be cute, the Elli Bralette is the pinnacle of modesty. Smooth and low cut enough that no one will see your bra while being comfortable enough that you might just forget that you’re wearing it. 

A Great T-shirt Bra Doesn’t Change Your Natural Shape 

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The Elli Bralette was designed for small busted women and young girls who just want to feel comfortable. No more jabbing underwires, mounds of foam padding or scratchy back clasps. The Elli Bralette is buttery soft and so smooth, it almost feels like a second skin. If you haven’t tried one on yet, shop the Elli Bralette here. 

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